Best Gun Lubricant (Expert review)

Every experienced hunter knows that using a gun oil is very important as it will prevent your firearm from jamming, corrosion, and other irritating issues. However, the choice of the right oil is not that easy regarding the huge number of nowadays manufacturers. Don’t be too unhappy about it, because our experts made a list of top 5 best lubricants for you!

Hoppes No. 9 Lubricating OilHoppes No. 9 Lubricating Oil (Editor’s Choice)$5
M-Pro 7 Gun Oil - LPX Made In US By M-Pro 7M-Pro 7 Gun Oil - LPX Made In US By M-Pro 7 (Best for ar15)$$4.9
Rem OilRemington Rem Oil Wipes$$4.5
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner ProtectantBallistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant$4.8
Lucas Gun Oil Lucas Oil 10006 Gun Oill$4.7

Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil – Best oil for guns

Hoppe’s oil is one of the most popular and efficient lubes available in the market today. It works great applied on firearms, fishing reels and any precision mechanisms that have metal-to-metal contact.Hoppes No. 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppes No. 9 Lubricating Oil

  • The product is an oil of high-viscosity providing you with an economical consumption and extra-long service.
  • It does not harden, gum up or become rancid.
  • It allows for smooth action on metal parts whenever you use it.
  • The bottle is small and fits well in your hunting bag or elsewhere (2-1/4 oz. squeeze one).
  • The oil is 100% mineral.


  • Some customers find the bottle tip too big and flat for precise applications.
  • Besides, a couple of them received the oil bottle that was not closed tightly and had leaked.
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M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil – Best ar15 lube

M-Pro 7 is another high-grade gun oil that has won the favor of many customers worldwide. This lube is a bit expensive, however, lasts for a long time in comparison with the other ones (for example, 2 oz. bottle can last up to 3 years of regular usage).

It is believed to be the best gun oil for AR-15, Glock, 1911 rifles and shotguns, according to dozens of reviewers.M-Pro 7 Gun Oil - LPX Made In US By M-Pro 7

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil - LPX Made In US By M-Pro 7

  • The oil is a 3-in-1 product: it is a Cleaner – Lubricant – Protectant.
  • It is quality tested and ensured for maximum durability, providing you with a perfect effect even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • M-Pro 7 is fairly thick and also quite slick. The oil tends to stick where you want it even better than Hoppe’s lube, which flows more readily.
  • The product ensures the highest possible protection against water, wear, and moisture, leaving a long-lasting film that repels dust&dirt and will not evaporate even after 500 rounds.

The only drawbacks of this oil are an easily leaking bottle and not precise applicator.

Remington Rem Oil

Rem Oil is a line of gun quality oils which is available in variable bottle sizes for the most precise and comfortable application. It comes in a form of:
– Plastic squeeze bottles which dispense one drop of oil at a time; such form is especially useful for lubricating small individual parts.
– Aerosol cans that help cover big areas.
– Oil wipes which are easy to use in the field and can be cut into pieces to make handy pore patches.Rem Oil


  • The oil features an exclusive Teflon formula which provides a thin long-lasting film that penetrates into the smallest metal pores and keeps actions working smoothly.
  • The product offers advanced moisture resistance and rust protection.
  • It also cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces.
  • The oil protects internal and external metal parts from corrosion.


  • Some customers state that the oil dries too fast. It probably does leave the Teflon coating, but there is no evidence that any lube is present on the parts.

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant

As appears from the name stated above Ballistol oil aerosol is a panacea for gun owners offering a high-quality lubrication as well as protection of metal, wood, leather and plastics.

This product creates a tough oil film on the surface of metals and is capable of creeping into the finest cracks and fractures. Moreover, unlike most lubes, it will protect even wet surfaces as the oil substance emulsifies with water and still stays behind when the water evaporates.CLEAN-9[1]


  • Perfect for firearms and anything else.
  • Slightly alkaline in nature.
  • Reduces the effect of sweat and skin oils.
  • The product is environmentally friendly being biodegradable.
  • It is also perfect for all the domestic usage.
  • The spray feature saves a little time and covers a larger area.


  • The can only contains 1.5 oz.
  • The smell of the oil is really disgusting.
  • This product should not be used on nickel plated guns or guns with gold engraving.

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Lucas Gun Oil


Lucas Gun Oil Pros:

The oil prevents jamming and over-heating in large machine guns and high caliber rifles.
It also has a water-repelling effect.
Does not evaporate and dry even during long-term storage.
The product is reasonably priced.
There is no irritating smell or order which is also very important.
The oil is suitable for household employment.


  • The applicator tip is thick enough which sometimes prevents precision placement.
  • The cap of the bottle should be fully tightened, otherwise, the product will run out.

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Best gun oil – A critical review

If generally we are to talk about some goods or products we consume, it will be of a great interest to know the morphology of what we are exchanging our money for. This will help us to consume safely, save our health; the health of our loved ones and even our mother planet as a lot of genetically modified products today in our market can cause lots harms. Adding to that, we are going to take our time to scan through gun oil products and make a proper review of them. We hope you’ll find this review very interesting.

There are so many gun oil in the market which their producers claim a remark for excellence. Making a choice on which to choose from might be a tough thing to many people. Remember you can’t trust a product that you haven’t used for once.pig lube oil

Top points

Water displacement: it is known that many gun oil producers write on their products that it has a water displacement capability or it’s a water displacer. Looking at the way this phrase is exaggerated, kept me wondering because we have water everywhere even in a super dry weather. Fog, snow, our sweat, cold even in humid weather. I made some experiments to see whether most of these gun oil products really worth what their producers claim about water displacement and I found out I was really disappointed. So when buying, you better try out a lot of products before coming to a conclusion. Don’t forget, water and metals aren’t pals. You can check out pig lube oil as it is among the gun oil that passed our experiment.  If you have some minutes, you can watch the video below which shows exactly what a good quality gun oil with water displacer could really be.

Outers scent out odorless gun oilLucas gun oilSmell or odor:  this can be a sensitive situation as there are lots of people who are allergic to odor and their nose irritation. Some smells can be irritating. People with such allergic characters will not have to purchase a product that smells like “high heavens” no matter the services that product might render. To such people, it is advisable to go for gun oil that has little or no odor and biodegradable if possible. For these reasons, we can recommend you with this two products: Outers scent out odorless gun oil and Lucas gun oil. If I may say, this particular Lucas oil is completely odorless; the outers has little or less odor. We hope you will like one of these products when you decide to choose.

Napier gun oilCorrosion inhibition: talking about corrosion, our major aim here is to be able to find a product that stands for its qualities. We look for a product that has the ability of inhibiting corrosion and will not drag you to wear gloves whenever you tend to apply it on whatever surface you bought it for. It shouldn’t be a product that will have harm on plastics. It should be able to displace water, reduce friction and so on. If you look for a product that serves this purpose, then you will have to consider Napier gun oil. Make sure you read user manual before buying it as there may be different types with different purposes.

Hoppe’s No. 9 lubrication oilM-Pro7 Lpx gun oilLubrication: there are some things that have to be considered when making a choice for the gun oil that will serve you for good lubrication. You have to know at what state does it reduces friction: because some may be active when wet and others when dry. How well does it really lubricates? If the product offers great friction when wet, then you should consider cleaning your gun often as wet surfaces can magnet more dust and dirt. If it offers maximum friction reduction when it’s applied on a target surface and when wiped dry – then, that will make great gun oil and a preferable choice. Note that it is better to choose the product that will meet most of the criteria you bought them for. Here we are going to suggest Hoppe’s No. 9 lubrication oil and M-Pro7 Lpx gun oil. The M-Pro7 is tested and can be trusted as the producing company went into innovation of modern gun oil lubrication. You can also watch a short video about this product below.

Clenzoil field and range cleaner lubricant protector gun cleaning oil CLPCompatibility: preserving the gun finishes is one thing that we should also be very aware of when choosing gun oil. We also have to know if the gun oil we are purchasing has any effects on plastics and rubber. Some guns do come with modern rubber or plastic finishes, while some with a high quality wood. Would you like to purchase gun oil that will damage the beauty of your firearm or other surfaces you apply it to? Trust me, I will answer no to that. If that is a fair answer, then you should know by now that gun oil isn’t just for guns, but can be applied to our plastics, knives, fishing gears and many other materials. The product should be able to inhibit rust, displace water and should not melt your plastics and damage the finishes on the gun: if it does, then it is of more harm than good and it shouldn’t be bought. If you really want an aged and 100% reliable and safe gun oil, then here is the great Clenzoil field and range cleaner lubricant protector gun cleaning oil CLP. A perfect choice you cannot afford to miss.

Uses of gun oil: questions and answers

Q: why should you use gun oil?

A: gun oils are known for helping to reduce friction between various mechanical components in our guns when they come into contact with one another

Q: does it mean that we can’t do without gun oil?

A: the answer to this question may be 99% yes because friction reduces movement of some parts which may lead to hindering the gun’s ability to achieve high velocity and shot accuracy and this might be a bad news for every gun lover.

Q: is that the reason using gun oil during cleaning and maintenance is a crucial thing?

A: yes.

Q: how can someone who just bought his first gun decide on which gun oil to choose from?

A: in fact, getting used to knowing the best products for your gun can be challenging and this is the reason someone needs to do some good research before making any choice. Surf the internet, ask your local gun sale shops, ask friends if they have been in the game before you and get your hands on any information that could help you.

Q: I was wondering what silicone has to do with gun oil, can you give any highlights about that?

A: oh yes, experienced gun oil producers include silicone in their products as it has the ability to spread easily throughout the internal areas of the gun.

Q: does this mean that just for silicone to spread throughout the gun that made the producers to add it?

A: silicone gives you the opportunity to spread your gun oil throughout the internal surfaces of your gun as it has the ability to spread with ease and fast.

Q: does it work for heavy arms also?

A: yes silicone works perfectly in shotguns and heavy duty rifles due to its ability to resist high temperature and pressure.

Q: can gun oil be affordable to everyone and at a considerable prize?

A: I think they are affordable to everyone.

Q: is there any other solution that can replace the gun oil?

A: Don’t forget, gun oils with their affordable prices are the only solution that can help you to improve the performance of your gun and prevent them from damaging.



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  1. The best oil is for any gun is 3 in 1 , with silicone , singer oil or any sewing machine oil. That type of oil was used on all weaponry on WW1 and WW2 if you think about it the sewing machine gets oiled maybe once a day and they have them operating at the factories for hours and hours a day at around 1500 stitches per minute with out any hiccups and I know your going to mention that the sewing machines don’t get as hot . We’ll use the 3in1 with silicone the temps tolerances range from -100 to 500°f and it only cost $3 and been proven in WW1 and WW2 the only bad thing is that they don’t have cool pictures or pictures of a paid Navy seal in a dessert swearing to the product

  2. Why you didn’t review Hornady oil?

  3. I vote for Triflow. It was brought into my field when I needed a lubricant for padlocks that are outside in the brutal Arizona environment. One drop on each side of the padlock and one in the key slot and your good for another year. One drop on a door hinge and it travels smoothly. I used it exclusively on my Armalite AR 10. Wet or dry Triflow works every time for me.
    A bike shop will carry it.

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