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brand-logo-barska[1]BARSKA is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of inexpensive rifle scopes, which entered the optics market in late 1994. In the past, it used to produce low-end scopes for other companies, for example, a couple of Tasco models and Bushnell ones.

Nowadays Barska offers a comprehensive line of different optic products and accessories, including monoculars, binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, telescopes and even microscopes. The assortment of products is designed up to the minute in optical technologies, providing its customers with a chance to enjoy their favorite occupations like competition shooting, hunting and so on.

BARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot RiflescopeBARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope$4,5
BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 RiflescopeBARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope$4,6
BARSKA 3-9×42 IR 2nd Generation SniperBARSKA 3-9x42 IR 2nd Generation Snipe Riflescope$4,9
Barska CO11342 3-9X 40mm Colorado RiflescopeBarska CO11342 3-9X 40mm Colorado Riflescope$4,8
Barska 1-4x28 IR Hunting ScopeBarska 1-4x28 IR Hunting Scope$$4,8

However, the number of reviewers believe Barska to be a poor worthless investment for a serious tactical practice. They say you would better keep your expectations in line with the price range.

Below you can find some useful information and the best Barska scope reviews, which will help you make your own conclusions in order to purchase the right Barska scope for your rifle.  We wish you good luck with your choice!

BARSKA 3-9×42 IR 2nd Generation Snipe Riflescope

BARSKA 3-9×42 IR 2nd Generation Sniper

The BARSKA 3-9×42 IR 2nd Generation Snipe Riflescope is one of the top rifle scopes manufactured by Barska. Used for either target shooting or game shooting, this high-end optics rifle scope provides you with perfect results anytime. The scope was designed as a tactical-style one and found a wide use for medium and long-range shooting. Here are some of the most significant features possessed by the Barska 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope:

  • Illuminated Mil-Dot reticles (red and green ones), which guarantee an exact accuracy during your aiming;
  • Zooming ability from 3x to 9x (variable rifle scope);
  • Lockable tactical-style fingertips turrets plus a side parallax adjustment, that is extremely easy to use and regulate;
  • The built-in sunshade that helps in reducing the bright sunlight;
  • Water- and fog-proof with a special strong shockproof construction;
  • The set includes a couple of protective scope caps (standard slip-on covers), a lens cloth, mounting rings and one battery.

The disadvantage that was discovered by the most reviewers of the BARSKA 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope is the absence of the zero-reset turret.

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 RiflescopeThe Plinker-22 is another popular model among Barska’s rifle scopes. This rifle scope is the cheapest one in our list, however, it has a number of qualities worth paying attention to. It should be noted that it was designed specifically for .22 rifles and rimfires. The Plinker-22 is the best for plinking and common game shooting.

Advantages of Plinker-22:

  • Is able to withstand harsh weather conditions (water-, fog-, shock-resistant);
  • Plinker 22 is parallax-free at 50 yards;
  • The scope offers 3 to 9x magnification;
  • The classical 30/30 reticle;
  • The rifle scope is completed with mounting rings, lens covers and a lens cloth.

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BARSKA 6.5-20×50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

BARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot RiflescopeIt is a rifle scope created for an ideal varmint hunting by Barska and combines perfect characteristics for an accurate targeting even during a long-distance shooting. The large objective lens of the rifle scope (which is 50mm) gives nice light transmission and together with multi-coated optics provides the best clarity. BARSKA Varmint Target Dot Riflescope is no exception among other models in the question of reliability – it is also resistant to water, fog and recoils.

The most important features of the scope include:

  • Target Dot reticle with a fine crosshair (has a center dot, but does not cover up small targets at long distances);
  • 5-20X magnification (variable one);
  • Easily controlled fingertips adjustable target turrets,
  • The rifle scope comes with scope lens caps.

The disadvantage is that no mounting rings are included into the package and you will need to buy additional ones by yourself.

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