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61r0yAF2ULL._SL1500_[1]The history of Steiner optics brand started during a post-war period in 1947 with a Karl Steiner’s one-man workshop in Germany. The founder dreamed of creating high-quality functional optical products that could be compared to nothing in the existing world.
The production of Steiner scopes began in 2010 with the line of military scopes, which, no wonder, cost a pretty penny. Later, there followed a line of tactical scopes and a hunting one. In 2011, Steiner put the second hunting line (the Predator rifle scopes, which, luckily for customers, cost about half of military ones) into a mass production.

Steiner 2.5X-10X-42mm S-1 RetSteiner 2.5-10X42mm Predator Xtreme Riflescope, S-1 Reticle$$4,5
Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle 34mm, Matte Black w/ Lens Covers, Throw Lever, battery, 5122Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle 34mm, Matte Black, 34mm 5122$$$$5
Steiner 5005 GS3 Game Sensing Scope, 3-15x 50mmSteiner 5005 GS3 Game Sensing Scope, 3-15x 50mm$$$4,9
Steiner 1-4x24mm P4Xi 30mm Tactical RiflescopeSteiner 1-4x24mm P4Xi 30mm Tactical Riflescope$$4,8
Steiner 5006 GS3 Game Sensing ScopeSteiner 5006 GS3 Game Sensing Scope$$4,8

The old saying runs that you always get what you pay for and in the case of buying a Steiner scope, you will pay a smart price. Nevertheless, Steiner rifle scopes are a worthwhile thing and they will exceed all of your expectations. Below you can find a list of the most popular Steiner rifle scopes, which successfully combined the quality of the German glass and trustworthiness of the American manufacturing.

Steiner 5005 GS3 Game Sensing Scope, 3-15x 50mm

Steiner 5005 GS3 Game Sensing Scope, 3-15x 50mmSteiner 5005 GS3 Game Sensing Scope will amaze you for sure. Combining a reasonable price with the highest quality of Stiner predator line, this rifle scope will offer you all of the features you need to have a successful game either in case of short-range or long-distance shooting. It possesses precision, magnificent mechanics and optics definitely helping you to hit any target.

Main features:

  • The rifle scope uses exclusive Color Adjusted Transmission (CAT) lens coatings, intensifying contrast in the peak human vision sensitivity range. The optimized contrast allows singling out the object you are aiming at from any kind of background to make the most accurate shot.
  • 3-5x magnification provides a sharp image even at long distances.
  • Steiner Plex S1/S7 Reticles are set on the second focal plane, which means they do not change its size when zooming in or out. Moreover, they were designed to define a holdover for distance and compensate for wind (with the help of cascading dots/lines)
  • Steiner scope is water- and fogproof, that is why you are able to use it even in severe weather conditions.
  • The rifle scope perfectly fits actions, centerfire, rimfire, muzzle-loader or lightweight mountain rifles.

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Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle 34mm, Matte Black, 34mm 5122

Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle 34mm, Matte Black w/ Lens Covers, Throw Lever, battery, 5122Steiner T5Xi rifle scope is another model of unmilitary rifle scopes manufactured by Steiner that have all chances to blow up your mind. It is one of the most expensive models in its line, however, this is the right rifle scope for the money. The rifle scope advantages you will like:

  • The Steiner T5Xi provides you with an excellent accuracy (thanks to consistent eye relief and generous eye box) being useful both during the hunting process and shooting competitions.
  • The low profile side parallax adjustment helps in correcting parallax error, which supports perfect long-range precision (easily resets to zero).
  • The scope includes a Special Competition Reticle (SCR), which is installed on the first focal plane (changes its size when zooming in/out), offering  an extended illumination area.Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR Reticle 34mm, Matte Black w/ Lens Covers, Throw Lever, battery, 5122
  • A brand-new turret system and rotation indicator makes the Steiner scope fully adjustable rifle scope that will serve every customer’s needs, offering unforgettable and completely customizable shooting experience.
  • The scope is shock-, fog- and waterproof (to the depth of 33 feet).
  • This rifle scope is an ideal match for a long-range precision bolt gun.
  • The set is completed with a lens cloth, an extended sunshade, battery and a lever.

Steiner 2.5-10X42mm Predator Xtreme Riflescope, S-1 Reticle

Steiner 2.5X-10X-42mm S-1 RetSteiner  Predator Xtreme Riflescope is the cheapest, but yet still effective scope, in our list of the best Stiner predator rifle scopes.  The rifle scope was designed as a deer hunting scope well suitable for a long-distance shooting.

As well as rifle scopes reviewed above, this Steiner rifle scope features CAT (Color Adjusted Transmission) technology (sharpening color contrast) and lets you concentrate on the target despite any viewing conditions.

The advantage of Steiner Predator Xtreme scope lies mainly in its lightweight but tough construction.

Other proper features of the rifle scoSteiner 2.5X-10X-42mm S-1 Retpe are:

  • Removable windage and elevation controls.
  • Steiner Plex S1 Reticle with ballistic lines for a holdover and dots for the compensation of the crosswind.

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