The Best Sniper Scopes For The Money

NightForce NXS5.5-22x56mm Riflescope - .250 MOA, ZeroStop, MOAR Reticle C434If you are here to choose the best sniper scope for your rifle, we will certainly help you. Everybody knows that sniper scopes gained its popularity due to their extreme accuracy and reliability.

It is not a secret that nowadays there are many different scopes in the market manufactured by a dozen of companies. The thing about buying the right scope for your rifle is that the diversity of variants can make your choice overwhelming. Below you can find a couple of basic terms you need to become acquainted with before buying a sniper scope.

Vortex Viper PST 2.5 - 10x44mm RiflescopeVortex Viper PST 2.5 - 10x44mm Riflescope$$4.6
Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope, 6-24x50mmBushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope, 6-24x50mm$$$4.9
Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC RiflescopeNikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope$$5
Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Accu-RangeRedfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Accu-Range$$4.6
Pinty 6-24X50mm Reflex Crosshair Illuminated Reticle Hunting RiflescopePinty 6-24X50mm Reflex Crosshair Illuminated Reticle Hunting Riflescope$4.7
BARSKA 3-9x42 IR 2nd Generation Sniper RiflescopeBARSKA 3-9x42 IR 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope$4.4

Generally, scopes can be divided into different categories according to the number of times they can magnify an object, for example, 2-8×30 mm. Numerals 2-8 denote the number of adjustments available for the scope (it means that the rifle scope can magnify the target 8 times more than your naked eye is able to see).

Another classification of sniper scopes is based upon the power variability of the scope. There are 2 types of scopes here: fixed and variable. Fixed power or simple scopes are the ones with a fixed magnification and they can enlarge an object only a defined number of times (for example, 4x or 6x). The
best sniper scope must be usable in any situation, that is why you need a rifle scope that can be adjusted the multiple numbers of times. This is when you should choose a variable power scope (its magnification varies depending on the kind of coating its lenses have).

Lenses coating also matters. A coated lens is able to collect the available light around it, providing a clear image of an object. Rifle scope lenses can be coated, multi-coated, fully-coated and fully multi-coated. The number of coatings on the lens determines the quality of what you will be able to see through it.

Here is a list of rifle scopes that can compete for the title of the best sniper scope.

Before buying a riflescope, there are some things that are needed to be considered which includes:

Your budget: what is your estimated budget? That will also help you to know the grade and exact quality that your money can afford to get for you.

Purpose: what application method do you need it for? Target shooting? Law enforcement? Hunting? And so on…

Condition of user environment: you have to consider in what weather conditions you are going to run into. Low light critical performance, maybe?

Weight limitation: are you going to mount it on a 10 pound rifle or you are going to use it for an ultra-light rifle?  

Target size: a great thing to be considered which depend on the object you wish to aim at. And lastly,

What is the total recoil you expect from your riflescope?

A complete guide on how to use, mount and maintain your snipers riflescope

Before buying snipers riflescope, there are some things that are needed to be considered which includes:

  1. Your estimated budget when buying your snipers riflescopeNewcon optic 75mm, 384X288 thermal rifle scope

Making budget for whatever you want to buy is a crucial thing. Just like building a house, you will have to have an estimated amount that will give you the exact house of your fantasy: the same thing applies when it comes to purchasing a perfect rifle scope. The prize for a riflescope can sometimes depend on its qualities. There are very expensive riflescopes, but they are Flir systems T75 thermo-sight rifle scopemainly used in the military. Can you imagine getting a snipers riflescope that cost almost $7k or more? This kind of scope includes Newcon optic 75mm, 384X288 thermal rifle scope or the Flir systems T75 thermo-sight rifle scope or even the Hensoldt ZF 6-24×72 SAM riflescope and many other more not mentioned. These riflescopes with extraordinary qualities can transform any rifle into a monster.Nikon Pro-staff 4-12 x 40 black matte riflescope (BDC)

Nowadays, a simply riflescope costs between the range of $50 to $1500 which makes it affordable for anyone that is crazy about long range shooting. In this cost range you can get the Nikon Pro-staff 4-12 x 40 black matte riflescope (BDC) or even the BSA 3 – 12×40 sweet 17 rifle scope. I hope that you will agree with me that the quality of the riflescope your purchase depends on the weight of your pocket.

  1. How to store and maintain your snipers riflescope

After buying a new snipers riflescope or the tactical scope, it is advisable to read the guide that comes with the riflescope or user manual. This will not only help you to quickly master and operate your new riflescope, it will also help you to know how to properly store and maintain it to avoid early deterioration of the riflescope. Here are some common guidelines to that:

  • Make sure to regularly clean your snipers riflescope. In ensuring your riflescope clean you will need to use a simple dry cloth to remove any sediments, smudges and even fingerprints. 99% of snipers riflescopes are sealed and don’t need any internal maintenance/cleaning which makes it a simple routine. Never drop your riflescope into any solvent to bath it or to clean it as this might have a serious consequence.Anti-fogging optical wipe
  • Anti-fogging optical wipe is also when cleaning the lens.
  • Clean with care to avoid simple adjustment knob errors.
  • lens brushIt is more advisable to use lens brush to erase dirt because someone can mistakenly add a little pressure to the lens when using cloth. In this case a simple lens brush can do the job by removing the dust particles on the lens without harming the lens.
  • flip capsLastly, it is very much advisable to immediately cover your front and back lenses when they are not in use. This will help you protect your snipers riflescope lens as simple stuffs can scratch the surface of the lens. Use a replacement lens caps or flip caps. Whichever that best suits your choice.
  1. How to mount and get used to your snipers riflescope

ringIt is understood that most snipers riflescope come with either grooved section that enables attachment and some do come predrilled and tapped. The same thing applies to a snipers riflescope. It is relevant to purchase a mounting system that will fit your rifle scope. Let’s take for instance, your scope requires a mount ray or ring, you must get the one that has the same diameter that will match your riflescope.  But if your rifle comes with a factory fitted scope, then it won’t be necessary to get a rifle scope or its hardware only if you need an extra rifle scope.mount ray

The reticle should be aligned and adjusted to suit the gaze from your eyesight. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to mount a scope inch further than backwards so that the scope won’t be damaged during kickback to avoid sustaining injuries. It also gives you the possibility to easily adjust your scope when shooting with your rifle. Try as much as possible to be able to see the reticle with ease during your normal shooting position.

  1. How to aim with your snipers riflescope and make the necessary adjustment

variable rifle scopeYou should be able to distinguish if you are using a fixed rifle scope or its variable counterpart as the variable rifle scope allows you the choice to choose between different levels of magnification while the fixed has just one level of magnification. When in a hunting situation tactical or whatever situation, try to keep variable scope in the lowest magnification power as this fixed rifle scopewill help in wider field view. The turrets can help you move or adjust the windage and elevation of the reticle from one position to another; sideways or up and down. The parallax turrets are not often moved.

  1. The Weight of a snipers riflescope

You can’t tell what you don’t know. Most people think that a sniper rifle weighs as much as other simple hunting rifle in the game. This isn’t true. The average weight of a professional sniper rife with all necessary gadget is about 40 pounds. Who on this planet would believe that? Well this should be a good think tank for all those guys that soak themselves in the couch playing combat games. In knowing about this, let’s say we subtract the weight of the snipers firearm from the sniper riflescope, you will be left with nothing lesser than 10 – 15 pounds. The snipers rifle scope is weighty and very expensive stuff.

  1. Environment to be used

With the effects of the environment and weather, this is where the different types of snipers rifle comes to play. For instance, the low light power snipers riflescope. This type of a snipers riflescope allows you to be able to see clearer aim your target in the absence of light. Although most snipers riflescope comes fully multicoated lenses, waterproof, shockproof, built with aluminum materials and foggproof. This is what makes it the most expensive riflescope in the market.

  1. Target size

This can said to be some how easy to estimate because most of the snipers riflescope come with a model number. However, it is known that riflescope model number has two distinct factors which are the diameter of the object lens and also the level of magnification. If a riflescope lens is 1 X 24: this means that the images will appear one time larger than the ordinary eye can see and the “24” indicates the number of millimeters the riflescope objective lens is by its diameter. I hope this guideline helps you to easily know how to check and compare the magnification and diameter of a snipers riflescope.

We truly hope that after reading this snipers riflescope simple guide, you will be able to look up to yourself and say, yeah, you can handle or you can tell a bit about a snipers riflescope its difference with other regular riflescope.

NightForce NXS 5.5-22×56 – .250 MOA, ZeroStop, MOAR Reticle C434 Rifle scope

NightForce NXS5.5-22x56mm Riflescope - .250 MOA, ZeroStop, MOAR Reticle C434The first sniper scope to be reviewed in our list today is a NightForce NXS 5.5-22×56  Rifle scope. This sniper scope was specially designed by the Nightforce for the extreme long-range shooting and accurate targeting even in the case of unfavorable conditions. The rifle scope serves all needs of the most exacting customers, combining a great performance and long-lasting reliability. It was marked as one of the most innovative and advanced sniper scopes ever produced.
Its main advantages include fast aiming, a large field-of-view, a good eye relief, an adaptable range of magnification (5.5-22x variable zooming).

Here are other important features of NightForce NXS rifle scope:

  • Unique optical integrity, providing you with the crystal-clear viewing.
  • The sniper scope is made of 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum that guarantees a long-life durability.
  • The scope is water-resistant.
  • The reticle is extremely easy to read in bright light, low light or no light situations.
  • MOAR Reticle C434 (placed in the second focal plane) makes the usage of the rifle scope extremely easy even on bright light days or in the darkness.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses of the highest quality.
  • Zero Stop control allows you to return your rifle scope to the zero any time you wish.

Vortex optics VHS-4310 viper HS-T 6-24X50 Riflescope

Vortex Optics VHS-4310 Viper HS-T 6-24x50 RiflescopeIn other not to say much or take much of your time, Vortex optics has been known for its super quality of durability and delivery of what a true tactical rifle scope is meant to deliver to its user. This product has been in the market long enough that almost every professional long range shooter knows about it. Thinking about its tree stands at the mountain top or it bolts gun to air; it is being made in combinations of many best features a wide range shooters dream about. I would say that this riflescope is mostly used in the military as it is ranked among the best. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • It is manufactured with an ultra-strong 30mm aluminum machined tube.
  • It has the ability to deliver increased windage and elevation.
  • Optimal adjustment.
  • Has a high personal unconditional evergreen warranty.
  • Made with extra low dispersion XD which increases color fidelity and resolution.
  • Can hold a constant sub tension which helps accurate ranging at all magnifications.

The model is on sale on Amazon! Buy in two clicks!

Millette 6-25 X 56 LRS- 1 illuminated side focus tactical riflescope

Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical RiflescopeThis riflescope isn’t a joke when it comes to functionality – it is equipped for tactical activities and target shooter. It is specially designed to lead in superior object brightness and unquestionable accuracy. This is an ideal long range combat riflescope. This scope is built with pride. It’s a fine scope that money can buy. It’s worth giving a trial. It is equipped with the following:

  • An extra-large super strong 35mm tube that elevates resolution and dependency.
  • Unquestioned ¼ MOA adjustment that enables elevation and windage.
  • 56mm lens objective that permits greater and wider view, enabling image brightness to its peak.
  • Mil-DotBar reticle and glass etched exclusive.
  • Scale on windage and elevation regulations.

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 6-24×50 FFP Reticle ERS Rifle scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope, 6-24x50mmAll the scopes in the line of Elite Tactical Riflescopes manufactured by Bushnell were designed with a feedback from law enforcement and military experts, providing the best optical precision and accuracy in any tactical shooting situations. Moreover, all rifle scopes feature Ultra Wide Band Coating to increase brightness and Rainguard HD lens coating, which guarantees to have a sharp image despite any weather factors (including fog).

Things to consider about Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24×50 Rifle Scope:Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope, 6-24x50mm

  • The rifle scope has the greatest magnification range in the line of all elite tactical rifle scopes developed for mid-range and long-range shooting (6-24x magnification capability).
  • The scope offers one of the highest light transmission rates. In addition, it has fully multi-coated optics for the best viewing.
  • The rifle scope features a mil-hash marked reticle (set in the first focal plane, changes its size when zooming) enabling a holdover and windage correction.

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Primary Arms 4-14X Tactical Scope

It is well understood that simplicity sometimes can be a thing of a great quality. In comparing the functions that are built in the primary arms 4-14x tactical scope with its simplicity, then you will be forced to say a “wow”! Lots of users praise this manufacturer for s great work being done and really doing their homework carefully before releasing this riflescope into the market. A simplified, super quality riflescope that money can buy. Here are some of its features:Primary Arms 4-14X Tactical Scope

  • It does not have illumination
  • Made of 4x-14x magnification
  • Comes with a mil-dot reticle
  • It has a shockproof ability
  • This scope is waterproof and also has a fog resistant quality.
  • The optional sunshade is sold separately (PA4-14SS)
  • Has a first focal plane
  • And lastly, it comes with 3 years warranty.

Differences between tactical riflescopes and regular riflescopes

 Tactical riflescopes  Regular riflescopes
 They have a generally exposed turrets that are meant to be used.  They often capped turrets.
 Should have large a turret.  Have a low profile turrets with some screws cover to help them not to bump out of adjustments when in use.
 They have a distinct click and very fast adjustment.  Less weight.
 A range finding reticle mildots, moa and many others.  Less reticles
 Thicker tube walls that will be firm during combats.  Less turrets
 Not less than 30mm tube to gather more light.  The tube diameter is lesser
 Waterproof capability.
 Metal internal for consistency.
 And a BDC ballistic drop compensator.
 Heavier in weights.



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