Techniques for Turkey hunting

img_223512004192017Well, it is that time of the year to tuck Turkey. Now let me tell you something – if you have never tried turkey hunting before, I don’t know what you are waiting for. It is fun and turkeys are everywhere around the US states.  I started hunting turkey when I was nineteen years old. Believe it or not, back then I never knew what techniques for turkey hunting were. All I was able to put in account in the first place was the type of gun that is best for turkey hunting and the best turkey scope that I could lay my hands on at that moment.

Now, I am going to share with you some experiences that I have had over the years. Things that I have learned over the years from other people or better yet, from the mistakes that I have made over the years – and I have finally concluded that the best way anyone can learn is to go out and try things out for yourself. Learn from your mistakes and become the master of turkey hunting.

If you go out the first year and you did not get a turkey, you do not have to give it all up because every year built behind you, helps you accumulate experiences that will last you a lifetime. Thus, the first thing that you have to remember before going into the turkey’s woods is – their eyesight is a phenomenon. If they see you move and recognizes you as a human being, you are done. This is the reason ninety-nine percent hunters wear camouflage clothes during turkey hunting, and you have to be camouflaged from head to toe. Any kind of camouflage will do. Just make sure it has some sort of spring colors on it. As you may know, in spring time, things turn green. You have to be invisible as possible.9dce00bb9a00a21c05dccf8978e1eea3--hunting-camouflage-hunting-guns

Complete turkey hunting clothing gear may include:

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • From head to toe full camouflage
  • A vest
  • Padding seat

Gun – the most important thing that you can possibly do is to find a gun that suits you. If it is smaller and has a lot of kicks, you may want to go down to twenty gauge. If you can handle a big brute of three and half in shell twelve gauge – then go to twelve gauge. It is important to know the legalities and the type of shell you can use and what kind of shots you can use. I like more of the number five shots. You know why? Because it shoots well on my gun. Now let me give you a suggestion, maybe you want to try different types of shots. However, you might be going to the range with your buddies, and you all shoot twelve gauges. You should try different stuff. Go to the store and buy a different box of shells. Try to find what is best for you and that shoots well in your gun. Of course, I like to hunt turkey on the neck where the hairs meet the red spot on the neck. That works for me better.

Go scout: get out there, before the season begins. Find out where you want to hunt. Know your area, see where these turkeys are roosting. Try and know as much as you can have without being visible and scaring them off. Know as much as you can about their particular habits. For beginner turkey hunters, I suggest you pick a spot. Once you hear the bird, do not get up. Give it time to get to your position.

Ground Blinds: this is an excellent thing for turkey hunting especially for people with trouble being still. I heard that kids are the only ones that cannot be stable. That chuckles me whenever I hear such things. There are a lot of adults that cannot have their asses seated on a particular spot for a number of hours. So in this case, if you know you are that type, then a ground blind becomes a necessary thing in your turkey hunting gear if you wish to have a successful turkey hunt.

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1327250299Again, try to understand the habits of turkey and try to understand the noise they make. Know what you have to do to get them within range. The natural thing for the turkey to do – to the gobbler,  fly down you see it stride. Now it’s showing off how beautiful it is and everybody should be in love with him, and the Hen should come to him, and they have some good time, and they will be on their way. The deal with this turkey is that he is used to that hen coming to him. So why on earth will that gobbler leave eight to ten birds to come to your sound? He is already got a lot little of friends over there. So you are probably not going to do much good. But what you hope for its maybe if you are falling off from him, you may entice another male that is coming in from somewhere else – you might want to sneak in and try it alone with him.

Locator calls: one of the most common sense a hen makes is a yell – the noises they make. I use the Knight&Hale turkey caller which imitates the sounds that turkeys make.  That sound is enough. But there are turkey hunters that use the mouth call. My only comment on turkey call is, try and find out what works better for you. This is one way you can make a great success and achieve great techniques for turkey hunting.

Some of the worst callers I have even known kill a lot of turkeys. You know why? Because they are patient and they have wood skills to be out there, be hidden and be quiet. Understand what that Turkey is doing.

715pxVVfJiL._SL1500_Decoy: For those turkey hunters who are new to the sport and do not know what a decoy is: it is basically an artificial stuff that looks like a turkey. You can have Jake decoys, you can have hen decoys, and you can have tom decoys. Typically, you want to make the appearance that actually there is a hen or a Jake or a group of birds out there to entice other birds into hunting on them. However, you can set this decoy and you know it’s twenty or twenty-five yards – and you know where these birds are roosting. You know that they are coming into this particular area that can really give you a good idea of your range. You know what your hunting rifle can do, and you can judge from that point on.

Safety: this is very simple. Do not shoot at movement. Be sure you are absolutely shooting at the turkey. Do not shoot at colors, red blue or white. Always take an orange heart with you when going for a turkey hunt. Stay invisible as much as you can for the turkey. Pardon your rifle and know what exactly your gun is doing. Scout vigorously. Know what the birds are doing. Do not over call- once you establish contact with the turkey, then let it come around. You are working against nature – typically, the hens go to him. Be patient, be safe and have fun. One last thing: techniques for turkey hunting should be part of you.



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