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lol1471602159Whether you are a hunter or recreational shooter, a rifle scope is one of the most important accessories for shooting and sniping. Over the years, such scopes have been developed and improved by different companies and brands known for coming up with state-of-the-art products.

Choosing the right scope is most important for your accuracy, and you’re sure to improve it with an SWFA rifle scope. With the history of thirty-five years in the industry, they will surely not leave you unsatisfied with their products. What makes SWFA scopes different from the other scopes is that they are not designed as a sporting scope or retrofitted to meet sporting specifications, they are intended to meet the US navy scopes specifications instead. The specs of each scope are extreme, such as their durability, resolution, adjustment of travel etc. These scopes are used among professional units, like the US navy warfare division that uses the M1 and M21, they also used by some law enforcement agencies, such as the SWAT and FBI

The top three SWFA scopes


SWFA SS 10X42 TACTICAL 30MM RIFLE SCOPEThis tactical super sniper scope comes with a 13.5-inch long tube that has a diameter of 30mm. It’s a heavy-duty scope with a 42 mm objective. The magnification power of the scope is between 10x and 42x, which is surely good for shooting at medium and long distances.

The matte finish scope was once contracted to the US Navy SEALs. The focus is smooth and can be adjusted from 10m to infinity. Trying to zoom in on nearby objects can be a challenge at first, but it is still possible for those who have some experience.

The SS 10×42 tactical scope has a weight of 21 oz with an eye relief of 4 inches. It also has as a field of view of 13 feet per 100 yards. For clear and easy reading, the scope has a 15 Minute Of Angle (MOA) per revolution and also a 156  MOA of elevation adjustment. SWFA’s simple yet very flexible mil-dot reptile is effective and has been known for years. While inexpensive, their optics are quite good in terms of clarity and sharpness. The overall quality is above average. This scope will serve you well with its traditional simple look and perfect construction.

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SWFA SS HD 5-20X50 TACTICAL 30MM RIFLE SCOPEIt surely performs well with all rifles, even though the turrets have been paid more attention, the scope still has the grip and efficiency. This HD 5-20×50-rifle scope has a 30 mm main tube and a 50 mm objective with a quality glass. The magnification power is 5x to 20x.

The rings are not hard to turn and are in line with the eyepiece. The parallax setting is 35 yards to infinity. If you’re  interested in long-range gun shooting, then this the rifle scope you need. The eye relief is excellent even when you fire large caliber round, and the eyepiece is rather gentle. The HD optics provide a clear and crisp view.

The rifle scope comes with mil-rad turrets. This means you can dial in the corrections you see in the scope on the turrets and acquire the target very fast. The radicals are a bit different from what most people are used to as the scope comes with flat diamond-like rads, unlike the flat hashes or circular mil dots. This earned it high praises on the internet. has a side focus and a Patented First Focal Plane Mil-Quad

The scope has a side focus and a Patented First Focal Plane Mil-Quad reticle. The SS HD tactical rifle scope has a 0.1 Mrad elevation and a windage Adjustment of 10 Mrad per revolution. The scope comes in two versions, the illuminated and none illuminated. If you are thinking about a tactical optic unit that will not hit you in your pocket, this is the scope for you.

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SWFA SS 1 -4X24 TACTICAL 30MM RIFLE SCOPEThe SWFA SS 1 -4×24 tactical 30mm rifle scope is built with a Mil-Quad DM Reticle designed for aiming at 100 yards at least. For a moderate price, its optics gives the user plenty of features and a platform to learn before moving on to a much more robust tactical scopes. Although its optic system has good clarity, it does not have many uses in terms of practice and tactical application.

The scope has elevation and windage adjustments of 55 mils with a 5 mils adjustment per revolution. It is shockproof and waterproof, which gives the user the 100% protection from recoil and bad weather that can distort your view. It’s 10.2 inches longs and has an eye relief of 3.1 to 5 inches. This is the right scope if you looking for a scope that can accommodate all your needs with one unit.

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