Red dots or iron sights, which is best?

q8Talking about the difference between an iron sight and a red dot. And which is best between them? Yes, many people will argue or will say – oh –no- they do not need a red dot for any reason. Try and check out the best red dot scope in the market and what it can do. You will be amazed. Iron sights work. There is no doubt about that. They do not need batteries, and they do not give problems. But if you have been on the combat field, you will understand that red dots are far better than an iron sight. Thus, it is compulsory that every AR rifle should have an iron sight.

Before going deep into the details, it is important that we know what a red dot is. Red dot sight simplifies aiming. They put a little dot on the target which gives the shooter an easy access to his or her target. Many people who use red dot refer to it as [you put a thing on a thing, then you get a thing]. Funny? Maybe! This means you put the best red dot scope on the target, and then you pull the trigger. That is simple as anything.

Red dots are practically faster than iron sights. There is nothing to argue about that, and if you think that is not true, then I will ask you why do you think you see all the people in speed competitions shooting red dot sights?

Thus, some people do ask questions as for why red dot sights are superior to iron sights. Besides simplicity and how fast they are; red dots give the shooter an access of shooting on the move which is hard to do with an iron sight when you try to hold your picture towards a moving object. I am not trying to say that this is impossible with an iron sight – no. Things like that might be more difficult with an iron sight.

If you have been shooting for some time or let’s say that you are a professional shooter; you will understand that in low light conditions, you cannot do anything with an iron sight. A red dot sight will always be an excellent choice when shooting any target at a range between fifty and one or two hundred yards under a low light condition.

Acute shooting positions. This is a situation where you will have to make some many adjustments from the angles, your back, your side, and other things like that. Red dot sights are way easier than iron sights. Ask anybody that has had real training or really been in gunfire with a rifle trying to use iron sight or red dot sight and he or she will tell you that there is no comparison between them. Red dot sights are much more superior to iron sights when it comes to fighting, tactical shooting, and defense system.

However, in red dot sights, you have an increased field of view. The increase in the situation of awareness, then the iron sight where you will have to peep through the tiny line searching for your target.

One significant thing to always put in check whenever you are purchasing either of these two sights is their prices. A perfect iron sight on an AR-15 and other rifles may cost you between $100 and $200.  But if you wish to purchase the best red dot scope for any AR rifles, you should be budgeting anything from $300 upwards.


Looking at all the pros and cons about red dots and iron sights, you should be able to know what you need them for before purchasing any. My advice to the people who think that a red dot is not worth owning should try to understand the other side of the coin. Just as I mentioned earlier, red do sights are way faster than iron sights. But they cost more. But there are also a lot of cheap and reliable red dots out there. So you should try both the iron sight and good red dot sight in different shooting situation to be able to know which is best for use. But for me, as I said earlier, red dot sight scopes are far better and more useful than the iron sights.



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