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vortex vs nikonVortex vs Nikon scopes – detailed comparison

Don’t always get carried away by first impressions. We are going to bring you detailed examination that will intrigue you between Vortex scopes vs Nikon scopes.

Vortex is a Japanese based company just like Nikon, but they both pull serious weight in optic innovation and technology. You need to see both scopes seconds generation hybrid scopes; we bet it will put to a wow! But then, which of this scopes can withstand a critical and unfavorable weather conditions if put to the test? Vortex vs Nikon scopes, which can take a hard knock and still stands to its feet and serve your particular need at that crucial moment that you need it most? We hope that after this detailed analysis, you won’t have to ask that friend or colleague more about which one to choose.

Vortex is said to be a US based company, but state of the art factories are based overseas. Nevertheless, it does contribute immensely to the US citizens that are being employed in its factories and a legal taxpayer to the US government. Compensating a company that shows a true quality, whether a US based or not shouldn’t be a crime and I hope you will agree with me about that. That aside, Vortex has been developing scopes that truly extends its customers trust; good quality and good customer services.

To my best knowledge, Nikon is a based Japanese company that has a branch in the New York, USA. Most Nikon optics are being made in Japan and in the Philippines. Although Nikon has made a lot of scopes that met its end-users need.

2017-06-12_152706Let’s take a look at some of the scopes that enhance tactical shooting and can also be used in general hunting and commonly found among short range shooters.

Between the ranges of 100 yards to 500 yards; we will be looking at some rifle scopes that can give you what you want in all weather conditions, durability, which has an average or very affordable price.

Nikon monarch 3 4-16×50 side focus BDC vs Vortex Viper 3.5 – 10×50 dead hold BDC reticle

These two bad boys can be mounted on a lot of rifles which includes Remington 700 (7mm) rem mag, muzzleloaders, shotguns and many other rifles and they are ideal for long range shooting, short range shooting, varmint hunting, big and small games. Both rifle scopes have a good recoiling ability that might save you from getting a black eye punch. We are meant to make you understand that they both can be good on a lot of rifles, but are not in the position to suggest best rifles as we only deal here is to bring you a detailed comparison about Vortex scopes vs Nikon scopes.

2017-06-12_145937Both scopes have a BDC reticles which are very substantial when it comes to bullet drop compensations and wind drift compensation and ranging. Vortex has a fast focus eyepiece that allows easy reticle focusing.

Vortex Viper 3.5-10×50 dead on hold BDC

2017-06-12_150023Nikon Monarch 3 4-16×50 side focus BDC

These two incredible scopes have 50mm objective lens diameter which helps to draw in light whether in dusk or in dawn weathers.

Nikon is said to have a killer magnification range for a variety of hunting with this scope that includes easy to reach side focus parallax adjustment for an unmatched sight image from any shooting position.  Vortex as well allows a rapid and easy to change magnifications.

Vortex has a capped reset turrets that allow quick re-indexing of the turrets with no tools needed to zero after sighting through the riflescope. It has an external cap that provides protections for the turrets

2017-06-12_150100Vortex Viper Capped Reset Turrets

But Nikon has a spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets which help to simplify adjustments. All you need it to sight in at 100 yards and then lift the adjustment turrets to zero and re-engage.

2017-06-12_150158Nikon spring-loaded instant zero-reset Turrets

Their recoiling strength: no black eye is needed from any rifle scope now and not in this 21st century. Don’t get amused, it still happens. If you are not careful when choosing a rifle scope, you might mistakenly get yourself a scope that has a zero recoiling ability which might directly punch you to the eye especially when mounted on a center fire rifle, and nobody needs such failed scopes nowadays.

Nikon Monarch 3 4-16×50 side focus BDC has an Ultra clear coat optical system. What does this mean? It means that has engineered this optical system to provide you with sharp, bright and incredibly flat sight picture and light transmission up to 95% for clearer sight image whether in dawn or in the dusk.

2017-06-12_150342Nikon Ultra clear coat optical system

Vortex Viper 3.5 – 10×50 dead hold BDC reticle comes with XR fully multi-coated lens which helps it to increase light transmission with multi anti-reflective coatings on all air-glass surfaces.

They are both engineered to withstand fog and water. But Vortex has a shockproof feature that isn’t in Nikon.

Price range: Nikon Monarch 3 4-16×50 has an average price of n $456 – $500. While Vortex Viper 3.5-10×50 falls in between $250 – $300.

Warranty:  almost all Vortex optics have a VIP lifetime warranty. Nikon also has a full lifetime warranty.

Nikon Monarch 3 4-16×50 vs Vortex Viper 3.5 – 10×50 short summary.

GF6G7bWSLooking at both of these scopes killer warranty, their clients have nothing to worry about because their interest it’s been put in the first position by giving such a durable and guaranteed warranty. What else could you expect from a high-quality optic company in our generation?

Another important thing here to be considered is the differences their prices. It some couple of extra dollars do not make much difference to you, then feel free to pick Nikon, but if it does, then Vortex will be your answer. But rifle scopes can deliver in any weather condition, except for shockproof which is only engineered in Vortex.2017-06-12_153751

As for me, I have both scopes in my scope collections. I am a scope freak, and this is one the reasons I write this article and many others that will explain differences among different scope giants around the globe and I believe we helped someone today after reading this article, to make a choice that will last and worth the cost.



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