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image_17-39-04_07001_17-08-2016Having a reliable scope with the features you’ll need most when in the field can make a difference between getting that once-in-a-lifetime shot or missing spectacularly. With many high-quality but also high-priced scopes it can be hard to find a top quality unfailing scope for a cost that won’t hit you in your pocket. Minox, a German company best known for their innovative line of miniature 8x11mm cameras developed from 1938 to 1995, has since shifted their focus away from spy cameras to offer some of the most dependable and affordable rifle and spotting scopes available today.

Designed at Minox’s German facilities and assembled in the U.S., Minox set themselves apart from other name brand scope manufacturers by crafting rifle scopes with the features most desired by hunters and other shooters. Using high-tech glass elements, fully multi-coated lens components, and other high-quality design touches, Minox has truly revolutionized the rifle scope market. Below, in our Minox scopes review, we’ll take a look at five of the top selling Minox scopes to help you determine which is the best scope for your needs.

1. Minox ZA HD Rifle Scope

Minox ZA HD Rifle ScopeThe Minox ZA HD Rifle Scope stands out of the already impressive scope product line from Minox, the ZA3, and ZA5 models. The ZA HD features five times magnification and long-range reticles for ensuring that you will never miss a shot because you can’t see the bull’s eye. This scope’s high-performance optics and fast target acquisition are designed to put you on target with no delay. The ZA HD also comes equipped with the most precise elevation and windage adjustments available, as well as parallax adjustments.

Constructed with a 30mm tube, the ZA HD Rifle Scope offers a long range solution without taking up too much room on your rifle. Argon-purged to prevent fogging as well as enable waterproofing of the scope, the ZA HD ensures that any conditions you can find yourself in are the right conditions to take a shot. Cheap and possessing so many features that hunters and shooters need to have full confidence when pulling the trigger, it’s no wonder the ZA HD is one of Minox’s top sellers.

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2. Minox ZV 3 Rifle Scope

Minox ZV 3 Rifle ScopeThe Minox ZV 3 Rifle Scope, one of the beautiful ZV series, is a well-rounded scope designed for use in almost any situation. Where the ZA HD focuses on giving the user the long range target striking ability, the ZV prides itself for being the solution to any situation you may find yourself in. Featuring fully multi-coated lenses and three times zoom, the ZV series offers the reliance you depend on in the field. With the kind of optic performance you’d expect from Minox and reliable mechanics in the precise elevation, windage, and parallax adjustments, the ZV 3 is the perfect scope for just about any kind of shooting experience.

With a BDC 400 reticle design, manufactured specifically for one hundred sights, the reticle also has holding points at two hundred, three hundred, and four hundred yards. This reticle design on the ZV allows for an easy change between shooting up close and long range target acquisition. This scope is a fantastic optic device for all-around shooting or hunting.

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3. Minox MD 50 Spotting Scope

Minox MD 50 Spotting ScopeAside from offering top of the line rifle scopes, Minox also manufacturers some of the leading spotting scopes available on the market for affordable prices. Possibly the best example of Minox’s ability to offer top-quality spotting scopes for reasonable prices is the Minox MD 50 Spotting Scope. This scope is made from sturdy but lightweight rubber-armored composites that protect the optics and precision mechanics inside. With a magnification range of fifteen times, it’s easy to see why the MD 50 is so popular with marksmen and hunters. The rotating tripod ring and adjustable eyepiece make this scope ideal for any type of target shooting or game hunting.

Featuring an unusually compact and streamlined design, the Minox MD 50 weighs only 660 grams making this spotting scope extremely travel-friendly while sacrificing nothing of its diminutive design or high quality Minox is known for. Nitrogen gas purging and waterproofing down to 5 meters means that this resilient and compact little spotting scope is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

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4. Minox ZP TAC Rifle Scope

Minox ZP TAC Rifle ScopeThe Minox ZP TAC rifle scope combines all of Minox’s optic craftsmanship and reliability with the features needed to stay in control in fast-paced and adverse conditions of tactical gun use. Minox’s ZP series focuses on delivering a line of tactical scopes that combine innovation and practical features to ensure the scope’s readiness and dependability in the harshest of possible situations. Coming with the precise mechanics and rugged construction Minox has become famous for, as well as being constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with a 34mm main tube and featuring solid wall thickness, the ZP TAC is one tough cookie.

With an extremely large field of view and the highest image quality available, the ZP TAC offers a clear view of what’s going on in front of you whether you’re firing quickly in close quarters or taking precision shots from longer distances. The sophisticated reticles offer illumination perfect for low-light situations and will automatically shut off after three hours of use to preserve battery life. The Minox ZP TAC Rifle Scope is a versatile and dependable ally in the field.

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5. Minox MD 88 Spotting Scope

Minox MD 88 Spotting ScopeThe Minox MD 88 spotting scope, big brother to the MD 50 mentioned above and another standout in Minox’s stellar spotting scope line, is the ultimate high-range and high-quality visibility instrument. With twenty times magnification and a high-resolution optical system, it’s easy to see how the MD 88 has become a favorite of nature observers, birders, hunters, and of course, long range shooters. Equipped with a vario-zoom eyepiece, the MD 88 offers extreme flexibility while also assuring precise and quick focus adjustment courtesy of the dual focus system. The lightweight and robust body makes the MD 88 easily transferable and the spotting scope is waterproof up to 5 meters. The MD 88 spotting scope incorporates the trademark features Minox spotting scopes have become famous for, such as precision, high quality, and compactness.

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Bottom line

Although our Minox scopes review did feature the top selling Minox scopes available on the market today, there still is a multitude of fine Minox scopes available, as well a many other tactical and optic products made by the renowned German craftsman. Hopefully, this review did showcase some of the differing features of each of the rifle or spotting scopes listed and can help you decide just what is the best Minox scope for your needs. In the end, determining what kind of shooting you’ll be doing, how far and how up close you need to be able to sight, and doing further research into Minox’s trademark features and innovative designs will greatly help in finding the right scope for you.



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