Hunting Monster Black Bears

img_202912003632017One of the reasons hunters try to reduce the number of wild predators like the big black dangerous bear is because these bears destroy properties like small and average farms and sometimes even large farms. They also portray threats to humans and some animal reserves. You can imagine what a monster black bear will have to eat to be fed. These are few of the primary reasons the government in countries where there are a significant number of such bears give hunters the license to hunt monster black bears.

Hunting such a predator is as dangerous as hell. It is a thing of life and death when the hunters miss the target at closer ranges. However, for any hunt on such a predator, the hunter is expected to have a good long range rifle that he or she can even when the rifle disappoints the middle of the hunt. This can sometimes happen when the bullet is not properly fixed in some rimfire rifles. The hunter should master and be the master of his or her firearm when hunting monster black bears. Secondly, the hunter will need the best long range rifle scopes that are ruggedly engineered for harsh weather conditions it’s meant to be able to withstand it. The long range rifle scope should be waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Trust me, you do not want to become the next meal to that monster black bear that you are hunting. We also use bowls to kill bears as well.

Thus, there is an old saying “Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn.” You see these monster black bears, there are hunters’ killers especially the ones that move in their family groups – the male, female and about one or two cubs bears. Encountering such convoy might be as deadly as hell. The big ones can weigh up to seven hundred pounds. The first I ever killed weighed about seven hundred and fifty pounds. And I took the shot from a tree top.

Note that such hunting monster black bears, you should always take a position where when you take your shot it, it will be difficult for the monster predator to be able to get to you by any means. You might be hunting a particular bear and somehow in the vicinity appeared to be others. Hunting monster black bears are mostly done in groups. If you are new to bear hunting or about developing an interest in it, be aware that such a hunt is nothing to be compared with deer hunting or other animals hunting like the coyotes or the wild boars. Monster black bears to hunt down hunters and eat them for a meal… I am not trying to scare anyone. But with my so many years in the field, I can actually share my experiences with other hunters especially those who are new in developing the hunt for monster black bears.

Hunting monster black bears are mostly done in Russian Federation and in the North America “Canada.” And if critically looking at these two countries, you will find out that they are being bordered by each other and have the Arctic between them. In this area, the monster black bears feed more on Salmon and other feeding areas are in the Canadian territory where they tend to damage farms and other stuff like that. In Russian Federation, it is almost the same thing. But I have never hunted in the Russian Federation before with my group, and I cannot say much about that.

Here are some major locations that I and my bear hunting group have discovered not very long ago and we want to try to visit each of this locations for at least hunting monster black bears and hopefully making a kill in each of the locations.image_resize

  • Northern California
  • Northern Saskatchewan
  • East-central Arizona
  • Manitoba
  • Vancouver Island
  • North Central Pennsylvania
  • Northern Wisconsin
  • West-central Manitoba
  • Alberta

Although we also heard there are other areas like Alaska and British Columbia.  Hunting monster black bears can be great fun if you have a good and experienced group of hunters that you share this passion with.

In hunting monster black bears, it is essential that you know that black bears have an excellent sense of smell which is in far better than the humans. This means that they can perceive from miles away. It is also said that their visions are as good as the humans – no proof for that – but I think that anyone who wants to embark on bear hunting should know about that. Bears use the smell of their own feces to locate their food. Mostly, monster black bears are hunted in the afternoons. But it is important the hunter gets in his or her stand earlier before the bears begin to arrive. Hunters trace and know the baits the bear’s use that will enable the hunters to know where exactly to take their stands. As a bear hunter, you must learn how to get the bear to hit your bait. It is better to use one person – the same individual in the bear feeding. Bear hunters should follow the same routine whenever baiting. It is essential that every monster black bears hunter should get very comfortable wherever he or she is sitting while waiting for the big badass bear. As in the hunting of deer, bear hunters also use detergents that reduce the smell of your clothing. It can be of a great advantage in using the scent that attracts the male. A female bear smell. It is sold in the stores where you can buy hunting materials. Learn to make your movement while waiting for the monster black bears. Most hunters use camouflage burlap within their stands. Bears can also change baits due to weather conditions.

However, you have known the steps in hunting black bears anywhere in the world. Do not forget that bears are highly sensitive and are hunted with proper knowledge. Always obey the wind for a successful hunt. Maybe the luck will be on your side, and your bullet ends up in the center of the heart of the monster black bear you are hunting. Be it with your rifle with the best long range scope mounted on it or the bowl, when you determine for a successful hunt, you will get it.




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