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img_154212003492017Foxes are known to be omnivorous and are medium in size or little lesser than most domestic dogs. They are regarded in the United Kingdom and many other countries around the globe as number one predator and pest which led to man versus animal hunting. Foxes have caused considerable damages in the past and still increasingly becoming a threat to man and animal who habitats both in the rural and urban areas. This brief information about fox hunting tips will help you with some information that you may need to successfully hunt down the predator-pest, fox.

However, to be successful in fox hunting, it might be necessary to have an electronic fox caller or the manual caller. The most important thing is knowing and choosing the one that works best for you. I own three Fox callers, and you might be wondering why so many. Well, the three Fox callers that I have are manual callers. To me, this one works best for me because they are made by three different producers. The first one is louder, and I use it immediately I take my fox hunting position. It helps to bring the foxes farther away to hear my calls and run to my direction. The second one is little lesser in volume than the first one, and the third one sounds almost muted. To me, these three callers make the Fox feel that the sounds are natural which I can say attracts more fox. As I was told when I first started fox hunting – foxes are brilliant animals, and if they ever detect and danger, that will be the end of the hunt. So whenever I am going fox hunting, I try to get everything that I will need to have a successful hunt.

Foxes can be hunted in cold and snow weathers. They can also be hunted in hot climates. Hunting in whichever weather that your body can quickly get acclimatized to is always the better option. Never try to subject your body to extreme weather if you know that something might go wrong. For fox hunting in snow weather, you will need a high-quality hunting clothe and must be snow camouflage so that it can hide your identity from the foxes. Here are some fox hunting tips and gears that I have been using for a very long time.

  • I have been using the legendary Ruger 10/22 rifle with ten rounds magazine which is usually tucked in under the action. To this gun, I mounted one of the best scopes for 22lr in the market with 7X power and manufactured by Bushnell. Frankly speaking, this scope has never disappointed me during hunting, and it has a great warranty.
  • I use three different types of fox caller
  • Snow camouflage is a necessity if hunting in the snow or purchase camouflage that fits with the weather you like hunting.
  • Binoculars or spotting scopes are also essential. Although, some hunters use their riflescope in place of binoculars or spotting scopes.

Now here are some fox hunting tips you will need to be very successful during the hunt.img_155912003502017

  1. Hunting with a partner is great; as they say, two heads are better than one. When hunting with someone, this will give you more opportunities to capture back and front at the same time. The both of you can sit with your backs against each other thereby, having more view of both you may know that foxes are very intelligent. If they notice any movement, that will be the end of the game for you and your hunt. So try to think about this very well, but if you are comfortable hunting alone, that will be great also.
  2. I have said about using multiple calls earlier. It really helps. You might want to consider trying it with some cheap manual fox callers. There are lots of them out there.
  3. Try sometimes to move one and a half miles between stands. Foxes can hear your calls as they have very sensitive hearing. Try to make more calls in the hilly areas and do not forget that winter or very windy weather can have blunt effects on your calls.
  4. Always check Fox signs and footmarks along the waterways. Waterways are known to be the natural way in which foxes can travel. But they also hunt during these process. So always keep watch in areas where there are streams.
  5. Have you ever thought why some hunters like to hunt on trees or saddles? The answer is simple. If you are calling foxes from a tree top, you have more guarantees of having one or more soon enough than calling from level It is just like a radio transmitter – the higher, the wider the radius it can cover. So, elevation plays a significant role in Fox hunting.
  6. Do not forget to put the wind in consideration. You might be surprised if I tell you that foxes do pay attention to the wind. When calling a fox, and the wind is blowing from your back, try to adjust to one side. This will help you to control the smells that the Fox will perceive. This happens not only with the fox but with lots of animals and predators. This is where the novice hunters keep asking the “what the hell…” question.
  7. I usually do not start jumping up after I have taken the fox that I can virtualize. The funny thing is that a lot of hunters, when they kill the first animal on sight, they are filled with joy, and they start celebrating without knowing that another fox might be walking in at the moment. So what I do after killing the fox on sight is, I wait and call for about ten minutes or more. With this, I make more kills. Sometimes, within some moments of killing one fox; the next appears – I am always able to harvest two giant foxes within a short
  8. Foxes low and high activities are always in natural weather conditions that hunters may say to be an extreme weather. To these pest predators, they put out their best hunting their prey, no matter how harsh the weather may be. But as for me, I go out hunting if in winter; it should be after snowing and if, in spring, it should be after rain. I always try to know what the weather condition will be throughout my hunting period on time before I embark on the hunt.

Fox hunting tips is a style or ways in which these predator pests are being captured or killed. However, anyway that works for you will be great. But the most important thing is having passion in what you do and doing more research before embarking on fox hunt. Try to connect experienced people in fox hunting – they might give you more useful advice than the one you will acquire from the internet.




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