Elk Hunting gears and uses

img_141012003442017The crucial question here is: what does anyone need to know before going on Elk hunting for the first time? Elk hunting tips and techniques or Elk hunting gears and uses which are number priority for any beginner hunter. In Elk hunting, hunters spend a lot of time in the woods- between five days to thirty days for such a big game hunting. Before planning any Elk hunting trip, there are fundamental things that make up the Elk hunting gear and these things may include:

  • Scent control: always carry scent control when you are going out in the wild for large game hunting. It is one of the most important things. They can be carried in small bottles depending on what you want.
  • Camera: they are helpful because they contribute to how the hunter controls the environment where he or she hunts. As for me, I usually locate where I will be hunting for the season before it begins. Then some weeks before the season opens, I go to those areas I have chosen and mount cameras. This will help me know where to scout, and the route the Elks take and also, it will help me to find out where I can best fire my shots from.
  • Map: the first thing you want to do on a hunt is get a hold of a map. It will help you know where you are scouting and where your seats are and the points of your location at the moment you are in the woods. After so many years of using the map, you will get used to the places you usually seat and do your hunt even without the map. But my advice is, always carry it along whenever you are going for hunting.
  • Solar charger: you might ask me what that is for. But the answer to that question you might have already known before I could answer you. The truth about this solar charger is that it supports hunters at night or whenever light is needed. What about hunters charging their mobile phones in the woods. Do not forget, hunters that hunt Elk spend days in the woods. They should be able to call their family members and loved ones while in the hunt.
  • Cell phone charger: just as I said earlier about the solar Here mobile phone charger helps to charge the hunters phone with the support of a solar charger. Do not say these are extra loads. These things will save you from predators like bears. If you have not encountered a bear while in the hunt or while sleeping intent during hiking, I will advise you to please, try and see some videos on the internet about it.
  • Pills: hunters who are above average in age should consult their physician before embarking on such a hunt. Young guys are not left out. Pills and first aid box are a necessity. Do not say nothing will happen. You need to save yourself before others can help you. It is quite dangerous living in the wood for an extended period of time. Make sure to see your physician before embarking on Elk hunting of this type.
  • Optics: as for me I use Vortex Crossfire II 6-18X44. Specially designed for big games hunting and long range shooting. This scope to me is one of the best long range scopes that has ever given me more win than a loose. Although, Vortex Optics is known for its excellence in the optical technology. I also have a rangefinder. This will help any hunter to easily and quickly determine the distance of his or her target to be able to do a bullet placement on the target. Some hunters who have been in a spot for some time can quickly know from a particular distance that okay: from that tree to the point where they are scouting it’s either two hundred or three hundred yards. Binoculars are also an essential stuff when spotting. There are some good quality binoculars, and they are very affordable and are durable. Make sure to get yourself one.
  • Spot unit: this allows hunters to do an SOS anywhere around the country and it is on a satellite system. So if a hunter is out of phone coverage and a colleague brakes an ankle, the hunter can just hit the SOS button, and a rescue team will be there in some hours or minutes depending. This also gives hunters access to exchange text message with the rescue team to be able to direct them to himself or tell them what exactly the case may be.
  • Backpack with paddle seat: this will help the hunter not to develop sore on his or her buttocks from sitting on a spot for an extended period of time.
  • Bear spray: it is almost better than a weapon. Great idea for hunters to have one always whenever going on an Elk hunt.
  • High powered pistol: this is a second defense weapon that will help a hunter if a wild game comes into a very close range or contact.

Now that we have finished talking about most of the things that an Elk hunter will need for a successful hunt and how or what they are used for – it is time to go out and get that Elk. Knowing the Elk hunting gears and use helps to make the hunt a great fun. Know everything if necessary. Learn how they are used – hunt with people who know better than you in the spot.



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