Cold weather hunting considerations

img_144512003372017Have you ever asked yourself why do some hunters consider to hunt in cold weather conditions? Knowing that it is not an ideal for many hunters to hunt in extreme weather conditions such as when it is freezing, and at the same time, the snow dropping from the sky like the rose flower leaves being sprinkled on a bride as she walks to the altar. Or when the downpour is heavy leading to unbearable cold temperatures and the soil so messy to drop a foot on it knowing that you will have to apply extra energy to pull your legs from the messy and moldy soil.  However, it is understandable that most successful people did what others considered to be too risky or try and error to hit the jackpot. That is one thing that is to be considered when going for a hunt when other hunters consider the time or weather not very conducive for a hunt.

Hunting in extremely cold weather may require critical planning. However, this may include a variety of hunting gears suitable for this type of weather condition. You should put the following items into consideration:

  • High quality insulated winter coat
  • A rifle scope with quality and anti-extreme weather features
  • A rifle suitable for winter hunting
  • A backpack that will contain, hot water bottle, knife, food stuff and some other materials that might be helpful during the hunt.

img_143612003392017While considering whether or not to purchase high quality and an insulated winter coat for your hunt due to their high prices. It is much recommended that you wear an insulated and tough winter coat because they are reliable for warmness in cold depth conditions. They are mostly built with light weight which is a great factor when going for a hunt and very active not only in extreme winter conditions but also during heavy downpours in which the atmospheric temperature might reduce to anything below zero within a short time. The insulated winter jacket is an epitome of how modern clothing technology can be of a great advantage to man. However, you might as well consider chasing a wounded bulk up and down the mountain in the middle of a freezing cold, snowy weather with your rifle hanging across your should with highly expensive rifle scope mounted on it. A careful chase with everything being put into consideration. Looking at it from the other side, you will find out that you are almost like a skier who on the other hand accelerates up and down the mountains on a high-velocity ski board. The difference here are not much because chasing a wounded animal in the middle of a hunt, you never know to what extent the animal can hold on before giving it up. Have you also considered dragging your kill back to a position where your car is? This means you must be well prepared for any situation. However, you might consider insulated winter jacket to serve the same purpose as it does to the skiers; but this time, to serve it best as you will be dragging yourself navigating in-between trees and bathing yourself between plants covered with snow and the cold winter breeze making it more difficult while you chase your hunt.

Not every rifle scope is built with ruggedness which can be a major factor when it comes to hunting in extreme weather conditions. Such a rifle scope is known to be much costly than its low priced counterparts. They are mostly categorized as second generation rifle scopes. When choosing such rifle scopes, you must consider looking into whether it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It must be constructed with waterproof, fogproof and shockproof abilities. Must be constructed of an airplane quality aluminum for longer durability. Must be able to pluck a target at 1000 yards or more with ease and all adjustable knobs and zeroing features must be reachable at adjustable length within seconds. These types of scopes are mostly known as the best rifle scopes money can buy.

In an extreme weather hunting, it is most advisable to carry with yourself materials that will not disappoint you in the middle of a hunt. It is meant to understand that in this type of weather, not a lot of hunters go for hunting. There will be no one to give you a helping hand when need be. Make sure your hunting rifle is well serviced at home before you leave home for a hunt. Well-oiled and cleaned. Do not forget to take one or two extra packs of bullet if possible. You never can tell, will need arise; they will be very useful.

Hunters eat during hunting. However, in such a freezing weather condition, hunters carry with them a thermal water bottle that can hold hot water for a durable number of hours. Drinking a cup of tea or coffee in the middle of a hunt in an extremely cold weather might be a necessity. You will need a good knife specially designed for hunting with light weight. Foodstuffs. Most hunters carry canned products as they might be consumed and the cans disposed to reduce the load.

Tip of advice. The items listed in this article is just the basics of extreme weather hunting. It depends on the individual to determine what he carries with him when taking part in such extreme weather hunting. How many kilograms of food he carries depends on his ability to manage the load; the amount of water cold or warm depends on him and likewise everything else. But a high-quality rifle scope, an insulated winter jacket, and well-serviced rifle are a necessity. Remember, there are fewer people who partake in such extreme hunting. Therefore, you might not get help when need be. Your safety is a priority.






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