Hunting Weapon
Hunting with 22lr Rifle

Hunting can be great fun or past time if you have the necessary hunting gears that will facilitate the hunt which may include the type of gun, rifle scope, ...

AR-15 antelope hunting

Approaching an antelope in an open country can sometimes be a tough task for hunters to achieve due the fact that antelopes have excellent vision.  Even for ...

Tips on Cleaning Airgun barrel

Before using an airgun or any rifle, you should read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer as this will help understand the proper ways to keep ...

Choosing scope for muzzleloaders

Before this time, people have been taking an ordinary riflescope and mounting them on the muzzleloader rifle. But the question is what makes a muzzleloading ...

Home defense rifles

The number question that I have got to ask myself after my family – wife and two beautiful daughters and I moved into our new home was: which rifle is the ...

Rifle Scope Reviews: The Definitive Guide