A Comprehensive Burris Scopes Review

burris-rifle-scopesBurris rifle scopes are top of the range merchandise. Both UK and USA hunters and sportsmen favor these rifle scopes for their durability and precision lenses, among other high-quality features.

Here are reviews of five of the best scopes from the Burris Rifle Scope range of products:

  1. The Burris Scout 2 – 7 X 32 Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope

The Burris Scout 2 - 7 X 32 Ballistic Plex Rifle ScopeBurris rifle scopes are often praised for their quality, and this model is no different. The Burris Scout Rifle has been designed to match the specifications laid down by the scout rifle’s original maker, Colonel Jeff Cooper. Scout rifles are designed to facilitate firing for the hunter when running. Therefore, such rifles are typically created with “…forward-mounted, low-power long eye-relief scopes, or sights to afford easy access to the top of the rifle’s action for rapid reloading.”

When hunting with the Burris Scout Ballistic Plex, the hunter will be able to keep both eyes on the target at all times, whether sitting still or running at speed. There are several other excellent points about the Burris Scout Rifle Scope worth mention. For example, a double internal spring-loaded tension system allows the scope to maintain its accuracy through recoil and vibration.

Some of the technical specifications of this rifle scope are:

  • Well-designed Ballistic Plex Reticle. Features effective trajectory counter-balancing, which gives the Burris Scout Rifle more than enough power for hitting the target.
  • Forward scope mount. Allows the hunter to keep both eyes open for increased awareness of the situation, as well as faster shooting at the animal.
  • Lightweight scope included. Works well with the Burris Scout Rifle and contributes to its abilities as a working, multi-purpose rifle.
  • Meticulously ground scope lenses made of top quality glass. Added for an improved light-gathering and clarity.
  • Low turrets with clearly visible markings. Used to indicate an imminent change in the impact point.
  • Double internal spring-loaded tension system. Allows the scope to maintain adequate accuracy through recoil and vibration
  • Windage adjustment: 66” per 100 yards
  • Eye-relief: 9.2-12”
  • Objective/front lens diameter: 39mm
  • Ocular/rear lens diameter: 38mm
  • 9.7” long
  • Weight: 13oz.

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  1. The Burris 200437 – FF MATC1-4X2 Rifle Scope with FastFire [Black]

The Burris 200437 - FF MATC1-4X2 Rifle Scope with FastFire [Black]This is a powerful rifle scope which can be used with night vision add-ons. Due to its power, the Burris 200437 FF MATC with FastFire is a good scope for dangerous game hunters, law enforcement personnel, and close-quarter shooters as well. Even military personnel may choose this rifle scope for its super-tough characteristics.

This rifle scope takes things to another level, so the specifications are not the same as those of the other Burris rifle scopes. The reticle dots are smaller and capable of providing trajectory counterbalancing to a distance of 600 yards. The reticle is also illuminated which allows very fast sighting of the target, especially at night. Adding to the excellence of the Ballistic AR reticle, the Milradian measurements are shown around a broken circle, which once again increases the chances of sighting a target extremely quickly. This reticle was new on the market in 2016.

Designed for harsh hunting and shooting conditions, the target knobs with Milradian markings can be adjusted with simplicity, which is another valuable characteristic for tense situations.

The MTAC (Multiple Threat Alert Centre) rifle scope can be purchased as part of the Tactical Kit, which includes the scope and the 3-MOA FastFire 3 Red Dot sight.

The eye-piece has also been improved so that it now combines a rubber coating with special illumination and high-grade optical glass and Multi-Lume coating.

Specifications that the Burris 200437-FF MTAC rifle scope shares with other Burris scope models include:

  • Nitrogen saturated scope-tubes for increased visibility in damp and foggy conditions.
  • Durable one-piece outer tube. Can withstand heavy recoil and vibration.
  • Double internal spring tension system. Contributes to the scope’s ability to hold a target to an accurate Milradian reading throughout intense recoil.
  • Complete waterproofing.
  • Windage adjustment of 130 MOA
  • Eye-relief of approximately 3.5 to 4.0 inches.
  • Objective/front lens diameter:s 30mm.
  • Ocular/rear lens diameter: 42mm.
  • Weight: 25oz.
  • 11.3” long
  • Can also be run on battery type CR2032.

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  1. The Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope 3X – 12X X 4mm

The Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope 3X - 12X X 4mmThis rifle scope is described as “one of the most advanced rifle scopes on the planet.” Its construction is robust, yet extremely lightweight. It’s been built to be ready for hard action and it can accurately and effectively pinpoint targets even if they are as far away as 1,200.

Precise information based on the cartridge loaded, current weather conditions and the elevation can be found in a special programming booklet so that the hunter is able to calculate a very precise trajectory. The web app also assists hunters to calculate this information.

The Burris Eliminator III may be the most accurate rifle scope ever made – turret adjustments and range finders are things of the past. The action of a rifle with this scope on it is very simple. Just tap, then adjust, then shoot. Awesome. A red dot will mark your aiming point in milliseconds. The X96 reticle will display it on a vertical cross hair, which will also indicate the most accurate point to aim and the precise distance to the target from the hunter. Even though the programming of precise information is new and may seem difficult, it is very easy in reality and can be done quickly. This way, the hunter will never lose sight of the target he has been following for hours.

A different method is used to calculate the windage on the Burris Eliminator III. The hunter should calculate the wind speed and then, by using the Wind Value Guide, he can determine how many dots to hold “into the wind.”

Also, this scope is built with a very solid mount which cannot be knocked out of alignment that easily. Another new feature is the inclinometer which gives readings for all angles of either an uphill or downhill shot.

The specifications on the Burris Eliminator III rifle scope are as follows:

  • Eye-relief: approximately 3.5 – 4”.
  • The objective/front lens diameter: 61mm.
  • The ocular/rear lens diameter: 42mm.
  • 13.5” long
  • Weight: 28.8ozs. Battery & Mount included.
  • N.B. Programming feature only available for centerfire rifles.
  • Programming requires a Drop Number at 750 yards.
  • Battery type: CR123A

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  1. The Burris 6.5 X 20 50mm Fullfield II Ballistic Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

The Burris 6.5 X 20 50mm Fullfield II Ballistic Mil-Dot Rifle ScopeThis scope has been designed as an upgrade from the original Fullfield models, especially in regards to the lighter weight and the tube length, which is shorter. This scope has protective Hi-Lume coatings on the surfaces where air contacts the glass, which provides elimination of glares and greater clarity. The high-quality steel-on-steel eyepiece adjustment system combines with two rather than 3 seals and can be turned as a single unit. The adjustment system has a special non-slip grip with no need to be locked. Settings can be accurately replicated both in the field and on the rifle range.

The power ring area of the eyepiece is sealed with quad seals, rather than O-rings.

The Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Rifle Scope is fitted with a Mil-Dot reticle. The specs include:

  • Objective/front lens diameter of 63mm.
  • Ocular/rear diameter is 39mm.
  • Ballistic plex reticle incorporates low vertical cross-hairs and tiny ballistic lines to compensate for bullet drop
  • Angle of eye-relief: 3.1 – 3.6”

Some other technical specifications for the Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Rifle Scope are as follows:

  • Windage Adjustment: 30 MOA (Minutes of Angle).
  • 14.5” long
  • Weight: 19.0 oz.

These features show that this Burris rifle scope matches the quality of its predecessors, but there are still even better features worth mention.

For instance, the rifle scope tubes are saturated with nitrogen. This prevents vision dimming in damp, foggy conditions. The extremely durable outer tube (1” in diameter) can withstand intense shocks from the heavy recoil of the rifle. The whole scope is waterproof.

All in all, the Burris Fullfield Ballistic Rifle Scope retains its accuracy and its ability to ensure a high success rate for hunters throughout the years. It is built to last and comes with the Burris Forever Warranty. Repairs on Burris scopes are as first-rate as the original construction.

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  1. The Burris 2002323 Fullfield E1 3 – 9 X 40 Illuminated Scope

The Burris 2002323 Fullfield E1 3 - 9 X 40 Illuminated ScopeThis rifle scope has been designed to include all the best of the state-of-the-art features that define a typical Burris scope while keeping things versatile and simple. A unique feature is the separate eye-ring which can be used with the flip-up style of the lens cover.

The Ballistic Plex reticle features the technology for trajectory counter-balancing and cascading dots sequences which indicate the compensation angles needed to recover wind drift. This allows the marksman or hunter to shoot accurately at distances of 500 meters whether the conditions are wind-affected or not.

The illuminated reticle has eleven settings marked for full daylight and darker night-time conditions. These settings increase the speed at which the shooter can target the prey. The battery saving off-position saves the battery power: these markers are located between each setting.

Other unique features are the improvements made to the knobs for Windage and elevation.

This rifle scope is good for elk hunters who often have to rely on the early morning light to find an elk. The range-finder on this Burris model is extremely accurate, showing bright and clear images at all times. Model 200322 has eleven illumination settings. Once again, High-Lume coatings increase the sharpness of the visual and give an excellent view.

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