A complete review of Best scope for Ruger precision rifle

2017-05-16_102603The United States of Americas’ gun market is known as the largest in the world and also its quality for modernized armors and arm details. Almost every here and then, one or more of the gun manufacturer in the United States release a new product.

Ruger & Co is known to be one of the big gun manufacturers in the United States; not until he released its precision rifle that did not only kept the press busy, but was flying off retail shelves across the United States even after a whole year of its introduction into the market. This company is known for the durability of its firearms. The Ruger precision rifle may said to be a touchstone portrayal for all the incredible manufacturing technology and engineering if combined together. The engineering capability and manufacturing technology has clearly taken great advantages in the upgrading of weapons if to be compared to just a decade ago. The precision rifle can deliver everything that any long range rifle can deliver to its shooters: accuracy beyond the shooter’s imagination and reliability and less expensive if to be compared to other long range rifles. I will not take much of your time lecturing you about the rifle itself as our aim of writing this article will concentrate on the best Ruger rifle scope and it details.

There are wide range of rifle scopes that can best suit the ruger precision rifle with its mounting accessories such as the rays and rings. Not to take much of your time, I will like to present to you the most affordable and reliable riflescopes that can fit the long range rifle.

1. Kahles Optics K161 1-6X24 SM1 reticle rifle scope

Kahles Optics K161 1-6X24 SM1 reticle rifle scopeThis one I would say; it is for the fat pockets. This exact riflescope is known to be the oldest in the market of riflescopes. With the production of this riflescope, the company continues to take responsibility in boasting the innovation and the best quality that can be obtained from the company’s one hundred and sixteen years of tradition in the market. Nevertheless, the fitting rings has a good compatibility with Ruger precision rifle and this is where the old saying, “you get what you pay for” comes to play.  This is the reason top shooters are turning to Kahles 624i riflescope. Characteristics:

  • It’s made of a hardened steel and machined to meet the most demanding tolerance and delivers 100% accuracy and a permanent wear resistance.Kahles Optics K161 1-6X24 SM1 reticle rifle scope
  • This riflescope has the ability of adjusting 26 miles just in double rotations and a precise index that makes adjustment for extreme distances and back to zero superfast and accurate.
  • One great thing about this riflescope characteristics is the enhancement for right or left handed shooters to find a unique, innovative parallax adjustment which is located under the elevation turret
  • A product that is designed to be applicable where the most pure optical clarity can mean the difference between a miss and a hit.
  • This riflescope sets a high and new standards with a great resolution, 95% light transmission and contrast

2. The Bushnell elite tactical G2 FFP reticle 3.5-21X 50mm

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle RiflescopeWhat about the elite tactical Bushnell HDMR 3.5-21X 50mm? This is a must to obtain for those shooters who think that their shooting professionalism is good enough to get them into thinking of to buy the best rifle scopes in the market that money can buy and that has undoubtable durability. Though this particular riflescope is mainly incorporated for the military due to its ability to provide a precise optical at the most demanding tactical shooting situations anyone can face. Few to mention, this riflescope can provide a long range precision without altering short-range capability. The elite tactical riflescope is one of the best in the world in long-range delivery and it offers a superior support for visibility and accuracy in the entire magnification range and other qualities that may include:

  • Known for its capability to shorten long range to all in 13.2” overall length.Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle Riflescope
  • The Bushnell elite tactical G2 FFP has the features of side focus parallax adjustment that can enhance long range accuracy.
  • It also has a 3-inch sunshade capability.
  • This elite tactical riflescope has 3.5x to 21x magnification, G2 reticle, and some 50-millimeter object lens which has a precise ability to deliver at farthest distances.

3. Vortex Viper PST 1 – 4X24mm riflescope Vortex Viper PST 1 – 4X24mm riflescope  

Unlike any other riflescope. The Vortex Viper is also a good match for the ruger precision rifle. Don’t forget that we are trying to get a precise riflescope with its complete details that will suit your long range ruge precision rifle and that can also the affordable to purchase. This is where the Vortex viper PST 1 plays an important role due to its very affordable cost, reliability, compatibility and we highly recommend it. This riflescope has some great functions such as:

  • Its ability to ample windage and elevation adjustment.
  • Manufactured from an absolute understanding of riflescope design.
  • It delivers the qualities that tactical long-range shooters require and it is very much affordable.
  • The Vortex viper riflescope for precision tactical shooting boasts features associated with top riflescopes.
  • This riflescope has the matching reticle and turret measurements that allows accurate and fast dialing of shots.
  • It has the ability of dust and scratch resistance.

4. Nikon monarch 3 6-24×50 SF BDCNikon monarch 3 6-24x50 SF BDC

If you are looking for a superb riflescope that can fit in to your ruger precision rifle, the Nikon monarch 3 6-24×50 SF BDC might be a good choice. Why? Because it has a good and enhanced mount ring spacing that can easily fit in to the base of the ruger precision rife scope ring and the prize is super affordable. It is known to be the single largest riflescope line of the Nikon family. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • This riflescope has a quick focus eyepiece which allows the shooter the ability to instantly bring the reticle into focus.
  • It has an optimized ballistic match technology for the Nikon’s on spot view.
  • With up to 95% light transmission, it has an Ultra clear coat optics system.
  • Easy adjustments can be made using the spring loaded instant zero reset turrets.

Some tips about Scope rings for ruger precision rifle and its installation

     To be able to mount any riflescope to the ruger precision rifle or other modern long range rifles, or even a shotgun, the shooter will have to consider a detachable base ray and rings. These two items are the fundamentals of having a riflescope mounted to the top of the long range rifle or armor. As a result of these detachable rays, rings that hold the scope can also be mounted on the rifle.

There are separate rings that already have short rays and rings that depend on the general rays.

The base mount comes in two types or maybe more. But the most common are the silver and the black aluminum types.

The ruger 1022 10/22 base silver rifle scope mountThe ruger 1022 10/22 base silver rifle scope mount

Nothing feels better than comfort. The silver riflescope base with net weight of about 1.1 (OZ); rail length of 4.14 (inch), is one of its kinds. It is made of a good quality materials that sustains comfort when detaching or attaching to a rifle.

  • This silver mount can be used while the scope or red dot is mounted to the rifle and it accepts all standard picatinny rings and also black aluminum constructions which may include also hardware.

This product is a complete symbol of product durability and it enhances user comfort, trust and dependency.

The ruger 10/22 scope base picatinny rail

Unlike the silver aluminum one; this one is somehow the opposite of it.

The ruger 10/22 scope base picatinny rail

  • The black aluminum is durable and can resists grease, oil and other solvents.
  • It has a plenty of slot accessories where you will definitely need them.
  • Most people consider it easy to install or uninstall.
  • It can also fit well in the holes that are already been bored in the receiver.
  • It is known that the bottom base has the same radius as the receiver which guarantees a suitable and tight fitting.
  • Mainly, this base is made of a good amount (66%) of nylon polymer and with 40% of mineral filling.
  • Every hex wrench and screws needed comes with it when it’s bought.

Having a long range rifle I would say it’s a great responsibility. This is the reason you can’t easily find such rifles being used by private people. Though there are people who have it; but such as the ruger precision rifle are mostly owned by Veterans and some fat pockets and gun loving folks in the States.

Buying your shoes or boots for the first time, they come with a casing. Am I right or wrong? I hope you will agree with me that I am right. Yes, the same thing applies when buying a new rifle. One of the first thing that should come to your mind about the basic long range rifle components is the casing which is a necessity.

What importance does the long range rifle case provide? It helps to hold together the following items:

  1. The rifle
  2. The bolts
  3. Ratchet
  4. Scope
  5. Seekonk torque wrench for action scope rings
  6. Tipton fiberglass cleaning rod and bore guide
  7. TIS quick cuff sling and cleaning accessories
  8. Allen wrench
  9. Utica 0-30 in-ib screwdriver
  10. Homemade pvc pipe with removable plug to store oil and solvent

…And a lot more depending on the exact case you want.

ruger precision rifle case SKB 3i-4214-5But here we are introducing to you the ruger precision rifle case SKB 3i-4214-5. Simple and unique of its kind. This case is made of the best quality custom foam that ruger precision rifle can fit in a folded position and with the riflescope and its detached bolts. Most quality long range rifle cases are being made of polyurethane form. This type of foam is known for its soft quality that provides flexibility for items it contains and has enough density to provide cushion for even the heaviest rifle. This material has the ability to which water and air or other solvents can freely flow through the foam and it has a very low weight which makes it the best choice for making a rifle case.



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