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lol1473080581Fairchild’s ArmaLite division designed the AR 10 to be a full-power rifle for combat but they didn’t catch on well until recent years. Their new marketing success led to greater searches for the best AR 10 rifle scopes. The AR 15 is the most common, but the late resurgence of interest in its ancestor has created a high demand for high-quality optics for enhanced performance. We’ve prepared a guide to help you more quickly and easily find the best scopes for the Mini 14 Ranch Rifle on the AR 10 platform. Here are the top 5 picks in this review.

1. Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20×50 Riflescope MIL-Dot Crosshair with Green Dot Reticle


The Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint comes out as a leader in user satisfaction because of its high-quality performance and rugged features. Extremely accurate. Although the illuminated green center dot is extremely small and hard to even see on a bright day, it does seem to aid target acquisition in overcast and darker conditions. The parallax adjustment on the left side is extremely convenient.Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20x50 Riflescope MIL-Dot Crosshair with Green Dot Reticle

  • Multi-Coated Lenses

The superior quality glass with multiple lens coating offers the best clarity and light-gathering  capability with zero distortion. Glass is amazingly clear for the best possible viewing.

  • Waterproof

Excellence in performance in all weather conditions. The waterproofing feature makes this scope adaptable in any climate conditions without condensation or fogging at the most critical moments.

  • Adjustable Brightness Center Dot

The reticle is illuminated and possesses automatic brightness and contrast adjustments to match the level of light.

  • Superior Materials And Workmanship

The housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

  • Second Focal Plane Reticle

The scope reticle size remains the same regardless of the magnification level for increased aiming precision with higher magnifications.

  • Tritium Powered

The scope is battery free. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of replacing the power source for enhanced convenience and dependability with the fiber optic and tritium power. This eliminates the need for batteries.

ProsTrijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20x50 Riflescope MIL-Dot Crosshair with Green Dot Reticle

  • Illumination with auto adjust and auto correct in low light
  • Battery-free with good
  • Super clear lens glass
  • Dependable in all weather situations due to waterproofing
  • No lens distortion for true images
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Left side parallax adjustment for added convenience


  • Very small green center dot difficult to see


We’ve chosen this as the best scope for the Mini 14 Ranch Rifle because of its popularity and outstanding performance. Rugged construction with tough materials guarantees that this scope will hold up under heavy use. It combines features that lock in a deer view with excellent illumination in low light settings and long range accuracy.

There are quite a few mounting options thanks to the 30mm tube with eye protection and high impact recoil feature. There were few drawbacks associated with this model and it came out as a top choice for professionals who depend on their scopes for accuracy in precision shots and instruction courses. We recommend it as the best scope for the Mini 14 Ranch Rifle.

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2. BARSKA 6.5-20×50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope


The Barska 6.5 20×50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope comes packed with features for a price that makes it an amazing purchase. It offers reliability in all weather conditions, adds easy adjustments for convenience and has the perfect performance for increased shot accuracy.BARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

  • 50mm Adjustable Objective Lens

A good range of 6.5x to 20x variable magnification with a high level of light transmission. Zoom in or out for an ideal view of the target. The multicoated optics with super clear glass for better image viewing. Adjustable for easy parallax correction. Ideal for low light situations.

  • Fully Waterproof

This feature makes the Barska a top pick for use in variable climates and weather conditions. One hundred percent waterproofing prevents fogging and condensation for greater accuracy and less frustration.

  • Shockproof

No need to stop to recalibrate the rifle scope for accuracy. Caliber proofed elevation adjustment ensures repeated accuracy regardless of the altitude.

ProsBARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

  • Lightweight for easier carrying of rifle
  • Easy scope adjustment with 1/8 inch clicks for brightness and clarity
  • Great for use in low light conditions
  • Cross-hairs amazingly accurate for precision shots
  • Covered finger adjustable target turrets


  • Mounting rings not included
  • Some distortion of view with magnification over 16x
  • Some glare with higher magnification levels


The Barska 6.5 is our recommendation as the best scope for the Ruger Mini 14. It has a great value for the cost. While there are a few drawbacks including issues at higher magnification levels, it performs pretty well at levels below 16x. It’s convenient for hunters who need convenience and accuracy rolled into one product. Easy adjustments mean that you can quickly change the settings to meet your needs for honing in on targets in motion. Precision shots are enhanced by the accuracy of the highly visible crosshairs. Overall, there are more advantages with this scope than disadvantages. It’s a good scope to have in the field for lighter weight and greater ease of carry.

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3. Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope


The Leupold name alone represents high quality and accuracy, always known for its outstanding and superior performance. This particular scope comes with an attractive matte black finish.Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

  • Multicoated Lens

The scope provides crystal clear and crisp images with its multicoated lenses. The quantum optical system is the best when quality and performance are concerned.

  • Waterproof

Ideal for use in all weather conditions and climates, the scope comes equipped with the second generation argon and krypton technology. Anti-fog lenses are fully waterproof for eliminating fogging and condensation which gives you increased reliability for the times you will need it the most.

  • Adjustable Power

The Mark AR Mode scope has a tactile power selector to get the optimum magnification level with zero distortion for a clear and clean image.


  • Easy installation and use
  • Quality features only
  • Glass quality and clarity comparable to more expensive scopes


  • No lens cover
  • Lacks firedot illuminated reticle
  • Mildot system with second focal plane only accurate at one power setting


The Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope is a top pick among the best scopes for a Mini 14. The name is held in high regard by most users worldwide. Leupold quality stands on its own. Aside from a few recommendations for improvement such as replacing the Mildot system with the firedot illuminated reticle, and throwing in a lens cover, this scope comes out as a definite favorite. It is user-friendly so the installation and use won’t be a chess match. It has high quality, clarity, accuracy and can aid in making precision shots with ease. This is one of the few products that has a name that grabs the immediate attention of AR 10 platform enthusiasts.

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4. Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets and Side Parallax, 3-9x 40mm


Reliability, accuracy, and durability are the capstone benefits of the features that this scope delivers. Adapted for the AR platform, it is an excellent choice when performance is at the top of the requirements list.Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets and Side Parallax, 3-9x 40mm

  • Bushnell AR Optics

The AR Optics comes with 3-9x 40 mm magnification with bullet drop compensating reticle. The scratchproof lenses with nitrogen purging for zero internal moisture and o-ring sealing keep dust and debris out.

  • Side Parallax

The parallax is extremely convenient for making easy adjustments in focus for increased accuracy in making precision shots.

  • Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle

the scope zeroes at 100 yards and is calibrated for 55-62 grain for outstanding control in your hands.

  • Fast Focus Eyepiece

An eyepiece is a necessity for making a split second adjustment for clearer target view. This one is accurate and reliable every time.

ProsBushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets and Side Parallax, 3-9x 40mm

  • Large eyepiece and crisp optics for viewing comfort and accuracy
  • High-quality optics and clarity
  • Fast and easy to sight in
  • Great scope for varmint hunting


  • Poor tactile feedback for turret clicks
  • Stiff zoom ring. Time consuming
  • Bullet drop spots not precise enough


We chose the Bushnell scope because of its great performance in the field. It’s reliable and provides great clarity, easy sight-in and is easy to adjust in the field. It’s a top pick for being the best scope for the Ruger Mini 14 because of its overall universality and reputation for being an affordable high performer. We recommend it highly for hunting applications over the competition because of the difficulty in turning the zoom ring.

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5. Crosman CenterPoint Adventure Class 2-7x32mm riflescope with dual illuminated reticle


The Crosman is an affordable scope that offers surprising features that you’d expect to find in a more expensive scope. It provides high performance and reliability with great service from the manufacturer.Crosman CenterPoint Adventure Class 2-7x32mm riflescope with dual illuminated reticle

  • Multiсoated Lenses

High-quality glass offers crisp and clear images with parallax free image relay at all distances. One inch tube construction allows for excellent light transmission with adjustable objective lenses.

  • Waterproof

This scope is 100% waterproof so you won’t be troubled with lens fogging or condensation.

  • Shockproof

Avoid the frustration of recalibration hassles with this unique shockproof feature.

  • Lifetime Warranty

This is your assurance for durability and endurance of the scope. If any issues occur, you will have the backing and prompt attention of the manufacturer.


  • Nice backup battery for increased reliability
  • Сrisp and clear images with easy sight in
  • Holds up under heavy and rugged use
  • Great tactile communication for finger adjustable vertical and windage settings


  • Dark ring at lower power may obscure target
  • Flip end caps poorly fitted. Interfere with use of the focus knob


We chose the Crossman Adventure for its high performance and affordability. Not all moderately priced scopes offer such great features as those that we found in this model. The few drawbacks which include poor fitting flip-end caps and the dark ring at lower levels are not consistent complaints. Each user will have their own preferences and complaints. Overall, this scope gets high marks for high quality in materials, construction, and performance. We recommend it for hunting and target practice.

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Final thoughts

image_15-58-54_07181_05-09-2016Our reviews of the best scopes for a Mini 14 on the AR 10 platform take into account the most common features requested by users. We kept the range fairly broad to accommodate the differences in personal preferences as well as the standard requirements in a variety of settings. It includes variances in price range and features. Whether you’re an instructor, an avid hunter, active in competitive events or just enjoy target practice, we have a scope in this guide that will suit just about every need you have and have what would make it the best choice for you.



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