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image_15-45-47_06965_13-08-2016The AR 10 rifle owes its existence to Eugene Stoner, a Marine ordnance expert during WWII who later became Chief Engineer for ArmaLite. Stoner had a gift for creating and working with small arms. It was his patents that made ArmaLite a well-known international firearms company. The AR 10 was Stoner’s latest creation. It was designed with aircraft grade aluminum, which was a top of the line solution at that time. It was also extremely lightweight due to the fact that the bolt was locked into a steel encasement on the barrel and not into the receiver.

For a while, the AR 10 rifle was used by the Army Ordnance Corps until 1956 when the Corps requested a smaller version of the AR 10 to be designed. The AR 10 was still a highly functioning rifle, which is why the Artillerie Inrichtingen in Holland took over the management in 1957. The AR 10 evolved into a new gas system where the rear carrier was transferred by a cam pin riding in the curved path, thus making the bolt rotate for unlocking. The AR 10 from the 1950’s evolved into many different prototypes and designs. It was supposed to compete with the Springfield M-14 rifle and the FN’s FAL.

Leupold 111412 Mark 4 HAMR Rife ScopeLeupold 111412 Mark 4 HAMR Rife Scope$$$$5
Vortex Optics 1 x 30mm StrikeFire Red Dot Hunting Rifle ScopeVortex Optics 1 x 30mm StrikeFire Red Dot Hunting Rifle Scope$$4,8
Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope by NikonNikon M-308 Tactical Scope by Nikon$$$4,9
UTG 3-9X50 1 Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings by UTGUTG 3-9X50 1" Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings by UTG$$4,7
UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings by UTGUTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings by UTG$4,9

During the mid to late 90’s, the AR 10’s fame as a rifle grew. Sports enthusiasts began looking for the AR-10 to convert it into a civilian rifle. Its popularity returned and ArmaLite took over the production. Leading up to today’s rifles, the AR 10 remains a popular military firearm with modifications, as well as a competition rifle and a hunting firearm. As a kissing cousin to the AR 15, the AR 10 rifle of today has a flat upper receiver and must have a suitable scope for mounting. The AR 10 requires good optics to be installed. Therefore, the following 5 scopes are some of the best scopes for the AR 10.

  1. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings by UTG

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings by UTGFeatures:

  • Premium zero locking and proper zero resetting target turrets with consistent and precise adjustment.
  • Special circuit and housing design for uninterrupted illumination even under heavy recoil.
  • Advanced multi emerald coated lenses.
  • Integrated angled front sunshade complete with flip-open lens caps.
  • 30-Millimeter tube built on True Strength Platform: sealed and nitrogen filled.
  • 30-millimeter SWAT 3-12X44 IE tactical range estimating scope with a highly developed mil-dot reticle and a full 36-color EZ-Tap reticle.
  • Shockproof, fog proof, and rain-proof.
  • Lifetime Warranty

As an American owned company, UTG or Leaders is well known for manufacturing affordable, quality firearms, scopes and many other types of optic accessory systems. The 3-12 X44 30mm Compact Scope is intended for marksmen who need a scope that will give them high-precision target acquisition. The enhanced features include the SSS (Smart Spherical Structure) which controls the interconnection between the inner and outer tubes. The scope is reliable and durable, plus it is air-tight sealed and filled with 100% nitrogen. It is quite dependable since it’s capable of providing accurate strong windage and elevation calibrations. The innovative mil-dot reticle is built into every scope. It is coupled with a sharp V4 MOA click calibration.

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  1. UTG 3-9X50 1″ Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings by UTG

UTG 3-9X50 1 Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings by UTGFeatures:

  • Emerald Lens Coatings Built on True Strength Platform.
  • Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled.
  • Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof.
  • Premium Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Target Turrets.
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per Click Windage/Elevation Adjustment.
  • Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle for Most Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance, Parallax Adjustable from 5 Yds. to Infinity.
  • Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System with RGB in Dual-Color Mode and 36 Colors in Multi-Color Mode.
  • Picatinny/Weaver Rings and High-Quality Flip-open Lens Caps.

UTG/Leapers is seen as a high-tier among the top of the line rifle scopes manufacturers. The UTG 3-9X50 1″ Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings continues to show that this company id dedicated to making great optics. The UTG Hunter Scope is the best scope for the AR 10. It is simply a perfection, even compared to any optic scope design. It features the Weaver/Picatinny mounting rings, multi-color illuminated reticle, nitrogen pure waterproof tube, mil dot range with an estimating reticle and a built-in sunshade.

The UTG 3 Hunter Scope has 3 to 9 power magnification, which makes the targets appear up close and easy to snipe. It is completely sealed and nitrogen filled. Extra features include a huge 50mm objective lens and durable emerald coated optics for great light transmission. The one click illumination memory feature reverts the scope’s color/brightness settings to the previously used settings. Its parallax can be adjusted from 5 yards close range to infinity. The scope is complete with the RG2W1204 high-quality max strength, QD twist lock Picatinny/Weaver Rings and flip-open lens caps.

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  1. Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope by Nikon

Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope by NikonFeatures:

  • Fogproof, Waterproof, Shockproof
  • Bright, Fully Multicoated Optical System
  • Quick-focus Eyepiece Allows for Instant Target Acquisition
  • Large Magnification Range with Oversized Lens Great for Heavy Caliber Rifles
  • Reticle: Nikoplex

The Nikon Corporation was founded in 1917. This Japanese corporation from Tokyo has been very successful throughout its history and is a global leader in optics and imaging products. Its M-308 Tactical Scope provides a perfect fitting mount for the AR 10. Nikon manufactured a P-Series and an M-Series in rifle scopes. The P&M scope designs represent the Prostaff and Monarch scopes, with additional features included. Nikon added target style turrets, parallax adjustments, and reticle options designed for the AR style rifles. The M-308 is designed with a 20 MOA mount.

The Nikon M-308 rifle scope measures 13.5″ in length with an eyepiece fast focus set and a mid-range position. Its mounting length measures about 6.8″ with a 1″ tube on the objective lens measuring 2.32″ in length and an eyepiece side measuring 2.15″ in length. The M-308 provides a generous mounting length. Nikon has put multi-coated optics in this scope for up to 95% light transmission, especially in low light.

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  1. Vortex® StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope(Suitable for AR-15) by Vortex Optics

Vortex® StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope(Suitable for AR-15) by Vortex OpticsFeatures:

  • Red or Green light option. Used to switch colors and adjust the dot intensity (diameter of 4 MOA) according to the surroundings and viewing conditions.
  • Unlimited eye relief for quick target acquisition.
  • Parallax Free Past 50 Yards.
  • Optical 2x doubler for clearer detailed viewing.
  • Waterproof and fog proof with nitrogen purging for reliable work in harsh weather.

Vortex Optics is a fast growing American company which develops optics for outdoor recreational enthusiasts, as well as men and women in law enforcement. Vortex is a family-owned company which has been in the optic industry for over 20 years, although not as manufacturers until several years ago. Their Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope has many unique features. The basic ones include the ability to switch between red and green illuminated dots. Since most shooters are more used to red dots, Vortex designed the StrikeFire with both red and green colors.

Green was favored for being more noticeable than red in bright environments. The 2x doubler is an easy magnifier affixed to the ocular lens for long range shots. The StrikeFire models are designed with high rings that can also be used with the AR 15. The standard rings position the scope closer to the gun. There also are many unique features such as the battery life which can give you hours on top of hours of life, flip-up covers and much more.

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  1. Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12×40 Matte Multi-X 734120 by BigT Products

Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40 Matte Multi-X 734120 by BigT ProductsFeatures:

  • Magnification: 4-12x
  • Objective : 40mm
  • Reticle: Multi-X
  • Butler Creek Flip Open Covers included
  • Matte Black

The Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40mm Riflescope has been designed for high performance. It is available with a DOA reticle for long-range scope sighting. It is a leader among scopes with light transmission from 91%. Its quality multi-coated optics gives the shooters ultra-bright images even in a low-light environment such as near nighttime and even darker than that. Its rugged recoil makes its one-piece tube dependable in the field. The Bushnell Butler Creek flip-up caps shield the lenses from all types of weather conditions. Its fast-focus eyepiece filled with dry nitrogen. The scope features a V4 MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustments. It has a 10mm exit pupil and a 3.5” eye relief feature. The Trophy XLT 4 is 12.8” long with a 5.4” mounting length, a matte finish. It also weighs 16.4 oz.

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