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2017-05-30_133548There are varieties of quick mount or quick disconnect scope mount. In whichever way it might be comfortable for you to call it, just know that we are talking about one thing altogether. But the question here is: why was this quick disconnect scope mount invented? Well, I will start by saying that it was invented to help the users who wish to transit between a traditional scope and a red dot or a user who wishes to be able to gain quick access to the iron sights in case he encounters optics failure. Don’t forget that our mount is the only source by which our scope can be attached to the rifle.

Importance of quick disconnect (QD) scope mount

  • Quick disconnect scope mount can be very useful if someone wishes to switch between scopes in the middle of a hunt or combat. This can really be of a great help then.
  • It can easily be removed without tools if you encounter any problems with your riflescope.
  • Useful when you use one riflescope for two weapons, this quick disconnect scope mount can help to make it faster and easier.
  • Also can be useful if you wish to remove your scope in other to fit into the case.
  • The quick disconnect scope mount has a tight tolerance control and a repeatable positive locking that optimizes re-zero performances.

Components of quick disconnect (QD) scope mount – everything you need to know

  1. A quick disconnect (QD) scope mount comprises of a rail that is known as the base support. Most modern rifles now are built with a flat top that can easily give access for riflescope rails mounting.CVLIFE K02 Rail Mount Quick Release Adapter

CVLIFE K02 Rail Mount Quick Release Adapter

This universal quick disconnect lever lock adaptor and riser mount can securely lock in with quick release. It can be very easy to remove or install with no tools needed to do so. It has an adjustable locking pressure and it fits in with 20mm picatinny rails. Made from a reliable aluminum material.

  1. There are varieties of quick disconnect ring mounts to choose from when you think it is time for you to mount a reliable quick disconnect scope mount. This is where the UTG’s scope ring comes into play for its high quality and reliable services. It is mainly built for standard rails and the ring is very affordable.

UTG 1″/2PCs High Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD RingsUTG 1/2PCs High Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings

This ring helps its users to be able to easily change from one riflescope to another with much ease. It has 6 screw high profile dragon precision designed from the aluminum alloy used in the aircraft design. This ring is user friendly and has a robust lock lever fully adjustable to fit in any picatinny rail. It is made for high tolerance and control for a repeated positive lock for optimal re-zero performance.

Take notice, this ring come with variety of heights which may include: the low, which is about 10mm. the medium, which also is about 15mm and the high, which is between 20mm and so on.

When buying the quick disconnect scope mount rings, you should also consider the diameter of the ring as they do come in different diameters ranging from 1’’ inch and above.

  1. This quick disconnect scope mount has two top slots and a 95mm base that comes together with it. This is like the burris base and it is made of an aluminum used in the making of an aircraft.

UTG Integral 1″ Med-pro QD Ring MountUTG Integral 1 Med-pro QD Ring Mount

The UTG max strength quick disconnect lever lock comes with a grip control tolerance and repeatable positive locking for optimal re-zero. Has an adjustable quick disconnect lever lock system with a ring at the top of the picatinny rail. Designed to maintain a reasonable level of synthetic tape that supports scope mount and surface protection.  It has a spring tension control that is designed to lock plate with steel inserted to guarantee a secured installation.

  1. Burris 410344 AR-PEPR 1’’inch mount QD with pictanny tops (black) is a must have when it comes to shopping for a quick disconnect scope mount.

Burris 410344 AR-PEPR 1-Inch MountBurris 410344 AR-PEPR 1-Inch Mount

It is constructed as a single base and offers unquestioned and reliable scope mount service. One big advantage of this quick disconnect scope mount is that the rings come with smooth tops which may be rewarding if someone considers mounting a flash light to his/her rifle.

  1. LaRue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount

LaRue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount

This is a complete quick disconnect mount for a riflescope. This product has gained its popularity due to its LT104 mount that is built with innovative backbone that helps to connect the split vertical rings. It is specially designed to mount high power riflescopes onto flattop style. Its locking LaRue speed levers enhance unquestioned return to zero and the riflescope can be removed and replaced without loss of zero. Another good quality of this product is that it is precision machined from a bar stock aluminum and anodized.

A tip of how to stay on target!

In other to disengage your riflescope from accuracy distortion after using the quick disconnection (QD) scope mount. It might be advisable to use the wheeler level-level-level scope leveling system. This device helps you to avoid being robbed by misaligned crosshair. The wheeler scope levelling tool helps you where it counts. It helps you for a bullet placement at the long range shooting scheme. An un-accurate crosshair can cause you unreliable scope adjustment and can make zeroing your riflescope frustrating and tough experience. With all that which may arise from a quick mount or disconnect scope mount: we advise you to take a look at this product and consider it a necessity especially if you often switch from one optics to the other. Its features:wheeler scope levelling tool

  • Has a magnetic base to the rifle which allows the positioning on your rifle a comfort.
  • It is made to function at magnetized action level.
  • This wheeler scope levelling tool helps crosshairs are level.
  • Has the ability to adapt to some other rifle designs.
  • Functions with any bolt action rifle.

For more information about this product, you can see the video below.



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