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Riflescopes have been in existence since almost from the time that rifles were invented. Why was the rifle scope made? It is to support long range shooters as rifles are meant for objects far as 1000 yards away or anything further as possible. Though we can say any distance from 100 yards and this isn’t a big deal if I am to suggest. The scope can be useful in seasonal hunting, paper-puncher for practicing on how to aim a target from a reasonable distance; thirdly, a rifle scope can be of a great support to the military long range rifle shooters (snipers) if to say concretely.

Aim Optics 4X40 Fixed Power Full Size ScopeBefore buying any type of rifle scope, I think it is best advisable to know the estimated distance that you will be needing the scope for. As you may know, there are fixed scopes and there are also their variable counterparts which I would advise best for anyone who is not quite sure of the distance in question.Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600

There are types of riflescopes which may include the low light rifle scope. Low light scopes are highly specialized lens apparatus that has a great difference over an ordinary rifle scope.

Low light riflescopes can be used in the following ways:

  1. If you happen to be a night hunter. There are people who like night hunting, though some people may take it to be more dangerous than hunting during the day. Yes, one man’s food is another man’s poison. We are all familiar with that saying, I guess!
  2. The low light riflescope can be really useful if you are in the middle of a hunt and suddenly the weather begins to change or get cloudy. How does it feel when the weather begins to form very cloudy within some minutes over a heavy sunshine? This is when you will know the value of the low light riflescope if you are suddenly caught up by the change of cloudy weather in the middle of a hunt or as a soldier in combat.
  3. Another thing is that some animals are being hunted during the dusky twilight or early hours in the mornings. This I may say it’s somehow different from those that typically hunt at night (the night hunters). In this case, a low light rifle scope can be very favorable.


Types of low light riflescopes

The way we distinguish one riflescope optical power, that is the same thing that applies when we try to choose our low light scope among the best manufacturers in the business. The qualities of a riflescope sometimes may not depend on its cost. Some hunters do think that Zeiss Conquest 3-9X40 which costs somehow cheap maybe more useful or reliable than the Leupold VXIII that costs more or about twice the price. Maybe you will agree with me, maybe not. Although some of the most expensive ones and the really aged ones in the market like the “Kahles” and “Vortex” and many others not mentioned are known due to the manufacture’s age in the production of quality and reliable optics. It is just like comparing some aged sports wears producers to some new clothes making companies in the market now. Not minding that some new wears markers in the clothing market may have some quality sports-wears far better than the old names in the market; but people still go for the old manufacturers they already know that exists in the market. It will be nice to try some new stuffs sometimes. Without taking much of your time about this, I will like you to consider the following low light rifle scopes whenever you wish to have one for yourself.

1. Vortex Optics strike Eagle 1-6×24 rifle scopeVortex Optics strike Eagle 1-6x24 rifle scope

This riflescope is widely considered the best among low light scopes because of its systematic illuminated reticle not to mention its multi-coated lenses which may provide a clearer and brighter images even in the worst scenarios. This riflescope may be said to have the following features:

  • A piece of 33mm tube designed to optimize the alignment that helps to maximize the accuracy and optimum visual performances and it also provides a sustainable waterproof ability.
  • There is a free vortex hat that is included which can be useful for your everyday day activities.
  • It is fully multi-coated which helps to increase light transmission together with the multiple anti-reflective coatings in an all air to glass surfaces.
  • A perfect glass-etched illuminated reticle that is located in between two layers that enable a precise aiming if low light conditions may apply.
  • An additional focal plane reticle useful in wind drift correction; range estimation and has a high magnification.

2. Tasco world class 3-9x40mm matte, illuminated reticle riflescopeTasco world class 3-9x40mm matte, illuminated reticle riflescope

When it comes to the simple function that the riflescope is meant for, consider turning to the Tasco world class. Its simplicity justifies its tasks. If put in consideration, it won’t be wise to spend much on a scope that you need for just a simple task; this riflescope is the one choice simplified and matches its unique prize for the services it renders. Its ability to deliver enough light when light is less and enables maximum clarity is what made it a world class. Here are some of its basic characteristics:

  • A high quality illuminated reticle that is useful in low light conditions.
  • Potential optics with great quality clarity.
  • Multi-coated superCon extensively coated optics.
  • 3X-9X magnifications used for average targets.
  • 40mm object lens for bright image.
  • Went through a maximum test before it was released into the market.
  • 1” matte tube.

3. Bushnell banner dusk & dawn multi-X reticle adjustable object riflescope Bushnell banner dusk & dawn multi-X reticle adjustable object riflescope

Knowing a product that suits your need is one thing, but knowing that exact quality is a great deal. Here I will say almost every professional in this field that you ever meet will say the same thing: the Bushnell banner dusk and dawn is worth owning; knowing that the prize truly compensates its quality. They will tell you that it’s a low light riflescope designed to prove its qualities late in the evenings and early in the mornings – which mid-night isn’t an exception.  What else could be better when you spend your money for a service or goods that give you reliability and less burden? Why is the Bushnell unique of its kind? Because of a special feature known as the dusk and dawn brightness (DDB). To say less, here are some basic features:

  • A multi-coated enhanced lens designed to facilitate a great performance at the dusk and dawn when light condition is low.
  • It has a maximized capability of fog and waterproof resistance.
  • An unforgettable multi-X reticle helps in elevation adjustment and accurate performance.
  • 4x-12x low light magnification range.
  • Elevated fast and focus eyepiece that is 12 inches my length.

Without cracking out your brains and much contemplations when making a choice; I hope that this guide helps you to make a reasonable decision when preparing to buy your first low light rifle scope or changing the old own you already own.








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