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UTG 4x32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope with Airgun/.22 Rings, Pre-adj @ 35 Yds


Many people believe that a common rifle scope can be used instead of a specialized air rifle scope.  However, this mistake can cost them not a small fortune.  The thing with air rifles is that most gas/spring-pistons and higher-powered air rifles produce massive recoil, which is not typical for common rifles or firearms.  Such recoils, sometimes called “double” are able to damage scope lenses and delicate internal components or even destroy the whole scope within seconds. An air rifle scope is a special one as it is capable of withstanding vibrations and recoils of an air rifle. Advice for you here is not to mount an average rifle scope on an air rifle.

How to choose the right air rifle scope?

Choosing an air rifle scope usually turns out to be an overwhelming task. There are dozens of air rifle scopes manufactured today and all of them offer you different features.  In fact, the only thing you need to know about the scope is that it simply magnifies an object you are looking at and, with the help of the number of integrated lenses, puts you on the same visual plane as the one. The reason why people used to have scopes on their air rifles is that it helps to achieve more accurate shooting results. Below you can learn a brief information about two main kinds of rifle scopes that will be useful while making a choice between air rifle scopes.

Fixed Air Rifle Scope

A fixed air rifle scope has one magnification set by a manufacturer, which cannot be adjusted. That means that the object is magnified by the scope the established number of times more than you can see with naked eye. The advantage of such scope is that it requires very little adjustment. It matches for hunting small rodents (rats or mice) or any other one at a close distance.

Variable Air Rifle Scope

The variable type or air rifle magnifies an object usually between 3-15x. That means you are able to enlarge it any number of timed between 3 and 15. Such scopes are great for hunting larger beasts at longer distances. The disadvantage of the scope is that it requires frequent and more precise adjustments.

We have created a chart of TOP 3 air rifle scopes to help you ease your lot in choosing the most appropriate one.

UTG 4×32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope with Airgun/.22 Rings

UTG 4x32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope with Airgun/.22 Rings, Pre-adj @ 35 YdsThis rifle is one of the best air rifle scopes that can be found today in the market. It receives many favorable reviews and has features of the highest quality.

Here are some main advantages that offer you this air rifle scope:

  • The UTG 4×32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope principal advantage is that it can be used anywhere due to the resistance to any weather and surrounding conditions (it is shock-, fog- and water-resistant).
  • The air rifle scope offers you 4x magnification (which means this model is a fixed rifle scope).
  • Like the other UTG manufactured rifle scopes, this one has a multi-dot reticle, is built on True Strength platform and is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen.
  • An adjustable objective lens is 32mm (adjustable one lets you focus the scope to be free of parallax at various distances).
  • The scope is accompanied with flip-open lens caps and scope rings, so you will have no trouble mounting it on your air rifle.

Hammers 3-9×32 AO Air Rifle Scope with One-Piece Mount

Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope with One-Piece MountThe next air rifle scope in our chart, which is believed to bring you more than what you paid for, is called Hammers  Rifle Scope with One-Piece Mount. This scope is not expensive but has features that are commonly available with high-end costly rifle scopes.

Among them you can find following:

  • An adjustable objective.
  • 3-9x magnification (which means you can magnify the scope from to 3 to 9 times; variable type of the rifle scope).
  • One-piece mount with 3 clamping screws (stop pin is built in), which prevents the scope from moving against powerful double recoil shocks of high power air rifle.
  • The scope is an ideal choice for magnum air rifles.
  • The clicking windage& elevation controls can be turned with fingers without any additional tools, which makes them easily adjustable.

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Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO Rifle Scope 

Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO Winchester Scope (Black, 4 x 32)The last (but not the worst) to remember is  4 x 32 AO Winchester Rifle Scope – an existing air rifle scope, especially considering its price. The scope possesses all the important characteristics and will without a doubt become a great complement of your air rifle.


Features of this scope include:

  • 4x fixed magnification.
  • 32mm adjustable objective.
  • Cross-hair reticle, which is the most classical one (the advantage of it is that it does not cover the target very much).
  • The scope is fog-, shockproof and color corrected.
  • Like the UTG one represented above, it also comes with mounting rings for quick and easy installation.

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