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Hunting Monster Black Bears

One of the reasons hunters try to reduce the number of wild predators like the big black dangerous bear is because these bears destroy properties like small ...

Hunting tips for beginners

Hunting tips for beginners are the first thing that needs to be done. Getting a license that will enable you to carry firearms which is the first thing they ...

Nikon vs Leupold scope – An innovated scope choice for the money.

Nikon vs Leupold scopes – Explained in minutes It is time to take the bull by the horn as they say! We are writing this article to bring you with the filtered ...

Red dots or iron sights, which is best?

Talking about the difference between an iron sight and a red dot. And which is best between them? Yes, many people will argue or will say – oh –no- they do not ...

The Best Vortex Rifle Scopes Review

The history of the Vortex company started in 1986 with a small outdoor retail store owned by Dan and Margie Hamilton. In 2002 it was formally introduced as ...

Best Spotting Scopes

A spotting scope is a device that is usually used for hunting, archery, birding, spotting wildlife and even target shooting. It is really hard to ...

Best quick disconnect scope mount

There are varieties of quick mount or quick disconnect scope mount. In whichever way it might be comfortable for you to call it, just know that we are talking ...

 Fox hunting tips

Foxes are known to be omnivorous and are medium in size or little lesser than most domestic dogs. They are regarded in the United Kingdom and many other ...

Nikon vs Vortex– Engineered beyond imagination to fulfill shooters fantasy

Vortex vs Nikon scopes – detailed comparison Don’t always get carried away by first impressions. We are going to bring you detailed examination that will ...

Techniques for Turkey hunting

Well, it is that time of the year to tuck Turkey. Now let me tell you something – if you have never tried turkey hunting before, I don’t know what you are ...

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